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Saving Crochet Swatches for Posterity

We noticed this post about how to save pieces of antique crochet–or even your favorite new design and color work, by embedding the swatch in resin. You can then make them into jewelry or other mementos.

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5 Tips on Publishing Your Patterns from YarnCraft episode #21

Many knitters and crocheters come up with their own designs. In episode #21 of our half-hour radio show, YarnCraft, we talked about sharing your patterns with others, whether online or in print. Here are five tips from the show: 1. Self-publishing online: If you’ve shared a pattern on your blog or website, it’s “published” and…

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Knitting at an Orphanage in Peru

This guest post is from Erik, who handles international sales at Lion Brand. My daughter, Blake recently returned from Peru, South America, where she volunteered at a children’s orphanage in the ancient city of Cusco near legendary Macchu Picchu. I wanted to share some of her photos of the young children. She experienced first-hand the…

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