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Crochet-Along: A Doll Sized Blankie!

When I saw how great the Lion Organic Cotton looked in these sweet and simple stitches I couldn’t help but want to make a quick and cute version of the blanket. So if you aren’t up for a huge blanket, how about a doll or baby sized blankie? I’m using Lion Organic Cotton and chose…

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Knitting Circles in the News

The Daily News reports on the popularity of knitting circles among younger knitters in hip neighborhoods of New York City.  Of course we know you don’t have to be any particular age or demographic to knit.  If you’d like to find a group to knit or crochet with, check out our Club Finder.  You can…

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Crocheting Their Way to a Better World

A little over a year ago, we were contacted by the guys of Krochet Kids International, a group of friends (mostly men!) who have taken their love of crochet and used it to help fight poverty in Uganda. They teach women in Uganda how to crochet beanies. They then sell the beanies in stores around…

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