Lion Brand Notebook

Tree of Life Knit-Along #2 – Twin Trees

Last Sunday was a bright and sunny day and I jumped at the chance to sit on my roof overlooking downtown Manhattan and start my spring afghan project. It’s calm, quiet and feels like a private oasis in the center of a busy city. Whenever I start a project as large as this, I try […]

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Lion Staff Stories – Marlene’s Daughter

Marlene, a sales associate, wrote this guest post about her daughter: I guess those days off from school when my 6 year old daughter Amanda has come to the office to visit has made a lasting impression. She was asked at school to write an autobiography about herself and what she wants to be when […]

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Seen in the Yarniverse: Knitting the Ones You Love

How far would you go to remember your beloved pets? Some people create elaborate memorials to best give tribute to their best companions. One married couple in England took it one step further, by knitting their pets’ fur into garments. The Cleveland Plain Dealer had readers email their local Dog Lady about the practice with […]

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