Lion Brand Notebook ®

Cable Luxe Tunic: Nearing the Finishing Line

It’s hard to believe that I’m near the “finishing line” of this Cable Luxe Tunic! Actually, I still have one sleeve to finish–and I will try it on my daughter before I finish the sleeves. The yoke was very fun to do, and I realized that at the end that I could have done this…

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Weaving Blankets/Making Connections

This is a guest post by Travis Meinolf, a public textile artist and teacher in San Francisco. He has presented his work at numerous art shows and workshops, as well as taught and published pieces on weaving and fiber arts. His newest project, the Weaving Place, allows visitors to learn weaving and produce loom woven…

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5 Brand New Patterns from Our New Catalog

It’s a new year, and the latest episode of YarnCraft–our audio podcast–is all about new resolutions, new yarns, and new designs! My co-host Liz and I share our yarncrafting resolutions, as well as some of our listeners’ goals. We also introduce seven of our newest yarns and some great designs from our latest Lion Design…

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