Lion Brand Notebook ®

Meet the LB Collection

The brand new LB Collection is (finally!) here! This collection is something we’ve been working on for a long time and I’m so excited that these yarns are making their way out into the world! We’ve heard lots of great comments and questions from you! The LB Collection is a range of specialty yarns produced…

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Studio Snippets: Favorite Felted Hat

We loved this hat and had to share it.  This is a customer’s own design, made from her stash and felted.  If you haven’t tried felting before, check out the amazing patterns for Lion Wool.  As you can see from the water that beaded up on her hat . . . felt is amazingly water…

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Do You Love Cables or Lace?

Cables and lace patterns are two beautiful ways to add texture and interest to your projects. Does a preference for one over the other say something about you? Which do you prefer: cables or lace? Related links: Classic Cables Scarf Lacy Luxe Cowl Are You a Ripple Person or a Granny Person?

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