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The Princess and the Purl, A Yarn in Two Plies: Ply the Second

To Read Ply the First, click here. The violent storm that had flung the young woman and her knitting bag across the moat was no quieter the next day. Driving rain pelted buds from branches and drove green shoots back into the ground. Howling wind toppled the spire on the highest turret, and blew the…

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Yarncrafting Costumes: Designing a Turtle Shell

My knitted costuming adventures continue, this time with a different mission: to create a costume for someone else! My performer friend often dresses up as a turtle, and while she had plenty of green costume items and a beautiful custom leather mask, she was missing a key component – her shell! Read along for my…

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Brooklyn Boy Knits: Yarnementary In Public Schools!

Back in Februay, we wrote about the sudden rise to Twitter-stardom of Louis Boria, creator of Brooklyn Boy Knits. At the time, he shared with us a special vision: to create a knitting class for young people. And this past Friday, his dream came to life! Thanks to a visionary principal, supplies from Lion Brand,…

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