Lion Brand Notebook ®

Take Gretchen’s Classes in Pittsburgh! April 6-8

We offer wonderful classes weekly at our Manhattan Studio location, as well as our New Jersey Outlet, but our most frequently-asked questions is: “How can I take class with you?” For those of you in the Pittsburgh area, we have great news! Gretchen Fancher, our Education Director, will visit your fair city for the Pittsburgh…

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Crafting the Olympics 2018: Cast on for Gold!

If you’ve been following the Winter Olympics 2018 in Pyeongchang, South Korea, there hasn’t been a dull moment! From firsts of all kinds – first triple axel landed, first gold medal of the games, first-time competitors, one of the most surprising firsts has been the crafting coaches on the sidelines! Athletes and coaches have whipped…

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Random Acts of Kindness: Crafting Kindness!

Today marked the end of National Random Acts of Kindness Week. But every day is the right day to be kind! This week, however, we take the time to bump kindness to the forefront of our minds. Contemplating all the small opportunities life presents each day to warm the world for someone else. Crafters know…

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