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  • 9 Pretty Hats to Knit & Crochet that are Perfect for Fall!


    Fall is right around the corner! We are already dreaming about crisp leaves and cooler weather. If you love autumn as much as we do, you'll want to whip up a pretty new hat to wear as soon as that first cold front rolls in. We've rounded up some of our favorite patterns to knit and crochet, and because these projects are small, you can work on them through the last days of summer without breaking a sweat.

    On to the Patterns!

    Carol Tyler Classic Super Bulky Hat All About Ami Crochet Cable Slouch Hat Destiny Meyer Little Hearts Hat
     Classic Super Bulky Hat
    by Carol Tyler
     Cabled Slouchy Beanie
    by All About Ami
     Little Hearts Hat
    (paid pattern)
    by Destiny Meyer

    Robyn Devine Tyson Hat Two of Wands Adirondack Toboggan Little Monkeys Crochet Rustic Slouch Hat
     Tyson Hat
    by Robyn Devine
     Adirondack Toboggan
    (paid pattern)
    by Two of Wands
     Rustic Slouch Hat (& Scarf)
    by Little Monkeys

    Iryna Boehland Apple Hat While They Play Frosted Pine Slouch Lisa Gutierrez Sly Fox Hat
     Little Apple Hat
    by Iryna Boehland
     Frosted Pine Slouch
    (paid pattern)
    by While They Play
     Sly Fox Hat
    by Lisa Gutierrez


    As for me, I think I'll be wearing my favorite Cat Hat again this year. If you're a cat-lover too, give my quick & easy cat hat tutorial a try, or go all out and knit a hat for your cat! 

    Cats in Hats Dinosaur Hat
    Bonus: get this pattern now!

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  • 11 Spooky Knit & Crochet Projects for Halloween

    Halloween is fast approaching, and we've got some more scary, spooky patterns for you! See them in action in the video below, then scroll down (or click "continue reading") for links to the patterns. Whether you knit or crochet, we've got something ghoulish to make.

    Trouble viewing? Click here.

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  • How to Crochet the Lion Brand Celtic Afghan

    by Tamara Kelly,

    Ready to jump into a pattern that's a little spicy? Lion Brand's Celtic Afghan might be just what you are looking for! The linen colored cables might say traditional, but crocheting one is full of adventure - and I'm here to help walk you through it!

    celtic afghan main image

    First things first - you WILL need to be able to read a pattern to make the Celtic Afghan. So click here to go to the pattern, and print it out. It's not written in the traditional manner, which at first might throw you off, but once you read it through, it turns out to be broken down in a very smart way!

    There are 3 cable patterns used in the Celtic Afghan. But before you get caught up in those, you will want to take your Vanna's Choice and favorite 9mm hook, and make the Foundation Row - 119 double crochets.

    celtic afghan - photo 1

    See all those stitch markers? They aren't listed in the pattern , but they are going to make it so much easier! Place the stitch markers on the following stitches, starting from either end of the row: 3, 14, 17, 34, 37, 48, 51, 68, 71, 82, 85, 102, 105, and 116.

    If you look at these stitch markers, they are all either 3, 11, or 17 sts apart. These mark the different Cable Patterns. Cable Pattern 1 is 3 sts, Cable Pattern 2 is 11 sts, and Cable Pattern 3 is 17 sts. And now you can tell at a glance which section is next as you work!

    Every row begins and ends with a Cable Pattern 1 (3 sts) section, and there are always Cable Pattern 1 sections between any Cable Pattern 2 and Cable Pattern 3 sections. But keep in mind that the very first st of each row is replaced with a ch 3, so you'll start each row with the 2nd stitch of  Cable Pattern 1.

    Ready to begin? Get the 3rd page of the PDF in front of you, and look at the top where it has the PATTERN STITCHES section. You are going to start with the ch 3, then work the bpdc around the 2nd st of the row, then fpdc around the 3rd stitch. This Cable Pattern 1 Row 1.

    celtic afghan - photo 2

    Next is a section of 11 sts, so you know it's time for Cable Pattern 2 Row 1!

    celtic afghan - photo 3

    Continue across, working the Row 1 instructions for each section  - the stitch markers will tell you what section is next. Just be sure to move them up as you go! Then Row 2, and on through Row 4.

    celtic afghan - photo 4

    It might sound overwhelming, and some of the stitches are a little complicated. There are not just regular front post and back post stitches, but there's also a big puff and a fptrcross - which I know I had to read through a few times before I got it! So I made a video featuring all 3 of the Cable Patterns, and all 4 rows of the pattern. It's much easier to understand them in action!

    After the first 4 row repeat, it should look like this:

    celtic afghan - photo 5

    You can see the stitch pattern coming together, and those gorgeous cables are off and running! To continue the blanket, just repeat Rows 1-4 of the Cable Patterns until your blanket is about 59 1/2 inches long - or whatever length you like! To finish it off, just ch 3 and dc across.

    You can add a border if you like, but there isn't one listed in the pattern, so this is a great place to add your personal touch to the blanket. And your own Celtic Afghan is sure to be an heirloom the family will treasure! I hope you enjoy making it!

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