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Flikka v. Comfy Cotton: What’s the Difference?

Our new Flikka Yarn and Comfy Cotton are two peas in a pod. When you’re deliberating which to use for a project, they’re more similar than you think! They’re both Cotton/Polyester blends (50/50), but the big difference is the size. For all the details of Flikka v. Comfy Cotton, plus patterns for each, keep reading.…

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Celebrate Ice Cream Day with Ice Cream Yarn!

Ice Cream Day is coming up on July 22nd, and we’ve got the perfect way to celebrate. In addition to getting a scoop of your favorite creamy treat, grab a skein of our Ice Cream Yarn! This yarn is softer-than-soft-serve, and perfect for baby projects. If you have a little person to craft for, or…

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Try Rewind, Our Versatile Tape Yarn!

We just know you’re going to love our newest yarn, Rewind. If you’ve never tried a tape yarn before, then you are in for a treat! It’s sure to be the answer to crafting questions you didn’t even know you were asking. This yarn is trans-seasonal and on-trend, so you’ll love crafting shawls, accessories, and…

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