Lion Brand Notebook

Wool allergy? Consider these yarns, instead!

A significant percentage of Americans suffer from allergies. For the yarn crafter, there is no gloomier news than a wool allergy. While the allergy can range from sensitivity to more serious irritation, it’s always best to consult a physician to discuss further. If you know you’re sensitive, or you’re crafting for someone who is, we’ve […]

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Our Anniversary: 140 Years of Lion Brand

This year marks a milestone for Lion Brand Yarn Company, our 140th Anniversary! It’s hard to believe we’ve been creating yarn & crafting with you for almost a century and a half, but we’ve treasured every moment. We wanted to share some of the highlights with you, as well as moments in national & world […]

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Touch of Alpaca: 8 Patterns for Your Bundles!

Touch of Alpaca lovers, rejoice! This super-popular yarn is now available in skeins twice the size. Check out our Bonus Bundles, and cast on double the fun! For just a few dollars more, you’ll get double the yardage – an amazing value. And it comes in 12 of our Touch of Alpaca colors, so you’ll […]

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