Lion Brand Notebook

Process v. Product: What’s your crafting style?

Do you love the doing, or do you love being done? In the age-old debate of process v. product, most of us fall to one side of the spectrum. Does your brain delight in the aspects of process, each step coming into focus along the way, or is your mind always holding the end-point in […]

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Modular Knitting with New Basic Yarn, Part 1: The Autumn Palette

Modular knitting requires first, that you knit a shape—let’s say, a rectangle—and second, that you enlarge the shape. To enlarge, you pick up stitches along an edge, and knit out from them. You could accomplish this enlargement by knitting separate pieces and sewing them together like patchwork, but it’s easier, faster, and seamless when you […]

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One & Done Kits: 8 Quick Gift Ideas

Getting in the gifting spirit and need a little inspiration? Head to the Lion Brand website and check out our One and Done Kits. 8 quick gift ideas to whip up in a jiffy, to knit & crochet. The kits are perfect to make in a time crunch, and perfect to give for the aspiring […]

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