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Start the Phoenix Wrap and 13 More Free Crochet Patterns for Garments and Accessories!

This is Marie from Underground Crafter. I shared a teaser about the Phoenix Wrap Crochet-a-Long last week. To recap, this is a 3-part project where you can make a beautiful rectangular shawl in 3 colors of Lion Brand Jeans (or Jeans Colors). I designed the Phoenix Wrap to meet the donation requirements to Sue Rock…

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Which of Your Favorite Characters are Crafters?

Book Lover’s Day is coming up on August 9th, so we are wondering… Which of your favorite characters are crafters? The most beloved fictional characters of all time become special to us because they win our hearts. One sure-fire way to make a character relatable is to give them a wildly popular hobby – like…

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Christmas in July: 13 Big Projects to Start Now

How many of us have waited until the last minute to start a massive holiday gift for someone? We’re guessing the answer is: everybody! It can take ages to find just the right pattern for the project you have in mind. And by the time you’ve decided, there’s hardly any crafting time left. There’s nothing…

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