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Patriotic Patterns for the 4th of July

June 14th marks Flag Day, the day our flag was adopted by the newly-formed United States in 1777. Though it didn’t become a holiday until 200 years later, when Woodrow Wilson made it official in 1916. While several towns across the country boast being the home of the original parade, most cities save their celebrations…

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‘One-Piece Knits’: Your New Favorite Knitting Book

Margaret Hubert has written your favorite new knitting book. ‘One-Piece Knits’ is a must-have treasure-trove of staple sweaters, all made in one piece. You’ll find designs worked top-down, side-over, and back-to-front. If you’ve ever found yourself abandoning a WIP as soon as all the pieces are completed, you’re not alone. Even experienced knitters neglect them…

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How to Organize Your Stash: Real Tips from Real Crafters

We started 2018 with the best of intentions: to stop the stash creep from taking over our lives. But as they say, the best intentions pave the road to certain disaster. Now we’re revisiting that New Year’s Resolution, and prepping for summer projects by getting organized, once and for all. If you’re committed to figuring…

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