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Another 14 Top Patterns for our 140th Anniversary

Lion Brand is turning 140 this year, so we just had to find the perfect way to celebrate. For the past month, we’ve been counting down our top 140 patterns, and we’re not done yet! This is the roundup for weeks 5 & 6 featuring another 14 top patterns. Follow us on Instagram and check out…

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The 2018 Stitch N’ Pitch

This past week, members of the Lion Brand family attended the 2018 Stitch N’ Pitch game, which was hosted by the New York Mets. It’s always a fun evening of crafting & sportsmanship (and of course, ballpark snacks!). For a first-hand account of the fun from our beloved Senior VP, read on. Jack reminisces about…

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Do You Love Jeans? You’ll Love Our Jeans Yarns!

If you’re a big fan of denim, then you’ve got to try our Jeans yarns. We have options with or without the cotton content, depending on what kind of project you’re working on. And our Jeans Yarn family is growing. In addition to our classic Jeans Yarn, we now offer Jeans Colors and Cotton Jeans…

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