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What to Do for Relaxation Day + 6 Patterns

Summer is the perfect time to take it easy, but you can really put your feet up on August 15th. It’s Relaxation Day, so we’re thinking of ways to celebrate. One excellent way to relax is by grabbing your latest WIP. Crafting is proven to have positive effects on stress levels, so it’s no wonder…

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Where are all the Left-Handed Crafters?

National Left-Handers Day is coming up on August 13th, so we’re shouting out our left-handed crafters! There are different options when it come to knitting and crocheting, but there’s something new to learn for any crafter who’s curious. If you’re interested in trying something new, then read on! Or if you’re a new crafter, who…

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14 More Free Patterns to Celebrate our 140th Anniversary

When you turn 140, it’s key to have a fun way to celebrate. So we’ve been counting down our top 140 patterns, and this is the roundup for weeks 3 & 4! To keep up, you’ll want to follow us on Instagram, and check out the hashtag #LBY140. In case you don’t use Instagram, you…

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