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Our Visit with Vanna White

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Our Visit with Vanna White

Last week I headed out to Los Angeles with Zontee, my coworker in Marketing, and Pete, a videographer we have worked with on many of our recent videos. We were going to visit Vanna White at her home and talk to her about her life, her love of crochet and the yarns that bear her name. I first met Vanna about 12 years ago when I attended the big craft trade show where Vanna emcees the Lion Brand fashion show every year. I remember being impressed with her warmth and her kindness to everyone she met. I knew it would be fun to spend time with Vanna at her home. 

Zontee, Pete and I arrived at the gate of her community in the morning. She lives in an area with Mediterranean style homes set close together on quiet tree-lined streets. Her house is lovely and spacious without being showy. Vanna greeted us at the door, hair up in a ponytail, looking delicate (she is surprisingly petite) and beautiful without a drop of make-up. She offered us coffee, Entenmann’s chocolate donuts, and raisin toast. We had just come from breakfast so we thanked her, but boy, those donuts were calling to me anyway! Then Vanna told us to make ourselves at home–to walk around anywhere in the house we wanted to scout out places to film and she went upstairs to get ready.

Vanna White and her cat, Stella

We did look around, saw a lovely outdoor deck where we would want to shoot but settled on the living room to start with. What I noticed walking around Vanna’s house was that on almost every horizontal surface were photos of her family and friends. Many of the photos were of her children, now teens, as they grew up.

Before Vanna came downstairs after getting her hair and makeup done, she invited us to come up and look in her closet for clothes we thought she should wear. Did I mention how accommodating and open she is? It’s amazing how many times she asked us what we would like. Her closet was probably the most organized closet I’ve ever seen. As we were looking for a pair of white slacks and sweater, I noticed that although there may have been more of them than we have in our closets, the brands were as down-to-earth as anything we’d wear from the local mall store. The pants we settled on were from White House | Black Market and the top from Banana Republic. Of course there is a section of the closet devoted to gowns like you might see her wearing on Wheel of Fortune, but that was the exception in a wide range of jeans and crew neck tops, which seem to be her favorites.

The interview and the filming were easy. Vanna is so comfortable and natural with people. I think you’re going to love seeing the videos we made. You’ll get to see Vanna talking about things you’ve never heard her say before, and since so many of you have asked if she really crochets, you’ll see her crocheting as well. I don’t want to give too much away but you’ll see for yourself in about 3 weeks.

Planning the camera angle A little touch-up
The outside space at Vanna’s
When we left, Vanna walked us
to the door!

We spent several hours with Vanna and got to know her–you’ll be getting to know her soon too! We look forward to sharing our visit.

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  • Looking forward to learning more about Vanna! I love watching her on Wheel of Fortune and have always been intrigued by her passion for yarn and crochet. Can’t wait for the interview!

    • Kelly, I think you’ll be pleased because we will have about a dozen mini-interviews with Vanna.

  • Looks like lots of fun. Makes me want to win the current contest going on that lets the winner meet Vanna!

    • Meeting Vanna is truly a wonderful experience. It is a pleasure spending time with such a warm and down-to-earth person.

  • I can’t wait to see this

  • Oh that is so cool! Vanna doesn’t get to say much (if anything) on WoF so it will be neat to see and hear her talk about yarn crafting.

  • Por favor poderiam responder-me  se passa por um canal de tv a cabo? Obrigada, Ana Maria, São Paulo, Btasil

  • What a treat!  Looking forward to the videos.   I am watching Vanna on Wheel right now.  Thank you.

  • I, also, am looking forward to the videos with Vanna…….. she is such a lovely person….. Love her on Wheel of Fortune…


  • I sure am looking forward to this.  I have been crocheting and knitting since a small girl and now am 86 yrs old.

  • It’s wonderful to see Vanna off the set!
    Can’t wait to hear more.

  • I’m sure looking forward to see Vanna in her own surroundings. I buy her yarn all the time, I love it. I’m 74 and have been knitting I think all my life. I’m looking forward to seeing some of Vanna’s work. I for one thank you all and Vanna for sharing….

  • It is so refreshing to see Vanna and her passion for yarn and her many patterns. Thank you Vanna,God Bless you and family.

    Marilyn Griffin,Tennessee 37354

  • Wow this sounds soo great… hope we can see this Down Under… I have several of Vanna’s pattern books & she seems, to me, through her books, to be such a friendly & kind person who doesn’t take herself too seriously, with a great love & pride of family…
    Would love to see how she stores her stash, cause man, even if she has you guys[loinbrand] behind her, she must still have a stash of yarn – it is our common bond I think… ha ha… 
    Doesn’t every person that loves yarn want to see how others store their stash so we might get ideas for our own supplies becuase I don’t know about others, but mine has that ‘creeping’ disease where it seems to ‘creep’ all over the house in every knook & cranny… some folks even call it ‘yarn mould’ as it seems to re-produce all on its own…

  • I love Vanna.  I am presently making a scarf with Vanna’s choice Lion Brand Yarn.  
    We enjoy her every night on Wheel of Fortune.

  • I have watched WOF for many years and remember when Vanna was introduced and became the gal to get the letters up.  Love to watch her on the show and will be interesting to see the photos and her crocheting.  Also love the vanna yarn.

  • I also have lots of yarn and it does”nt seem to be decreasing even though I am always with knitting needles in my hand.I kinda think the yarn “fairy” comes in the night and delivers more..Love Vanna,she seems to be a genuine friendly lady.

  • I think of Vanna always as I am doing my “Vanna” knitting– but, no time to comment now–

            ITS WHEEL OF FORTUNE TIME!!!!! WHEE!!!!!!

  • Im new to knitting and crochete. I cant believe I waited until Im in my 30s to learn this great and relaxing hobby. I am learning loom knitting right now and wow its addictive!!! :O) I love Vannas endorsed yarns. 🙂

  • Thank you, Vanna, for being so gracious as to allow us into your home and your life.  Maybe I will meet you some day in person.

  • I can’t wait to see the videos! I Love Vanna and the Vanna yarn is my favorite to crochet with!!

  • Thank you for letting us know more of Vanna.  I have her books and am presently working on a scarf with her yarn.  Thanks again.

  • I’ve loved knitting and crocheting for many years and I’ve watched the “Wheel” for years (our favorite program) and especially enjoy seeing Vanna. I’ve used Vanna’s Choice for years and really like the softness of it. I just made a beautiful scarf using Vanna’s Glamour yarn for the first time using one of the Martha Stewart new patterns and it’s so pretty and lacey. I can’t wait to learn more about this charming and sweet woman.

  • My husband and I enjoy watching & participating in WOF every night.  I’m a beginner knitter and crocheter and Vanna’s yarn has a wonderful feel to a finished product.  Thank you for sharing your life and your home with us.  Your hometown is one of our favorite vacation spots!

  • Looking forward to seeing more! Was just going through my “Vanna” yarn to organize some of my stash this morning! I love the products and have some of her pattern books too. I’m a big Vanna fan, she is a blessing…hope she will share about St. Jude’s too.

  • I have used Vanna’s yarns for many project and love the yarn.  Regarding the stash, I’ve made one of my daughters a Stash Blanket which she loves.  I used three double crochets, chained three.  On the next row I crocheted three doubles in the three chains below and continued with the various colored yarns, making the colors compatible.  With regard to the Wheel of Fortune, my husband and I used to watch it every night.  Now that he’s gone, I find it hard to watch by myself, but enjoy it when I do.  It brings back wonderful memories.   

  • I’m looking forward to seeing the videos!  I’ve always loved the fact that Vanna is a crocheter and LOVE the colors of her yarns.  Thanks for doing this.  

  • I can’t begin to say how happy I am to read about Vanna White..I’m a Myrtle Beach kinda gal, too, who also loves to crochet.  I made a beautiful king size afghan/spread from one of her patterns & Lion Brand yarn in shades of purple & green diamonds surounded in black for my daughter almost 10 years ago & it is still one of my favorite things I’ve ever made..thank you so much, Vanna!…I’m looking forward to this series & hope she’ll share some of her stories of SC too!

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