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Our Visit And Photoshoot At Vanna White’s Home

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Our Visit And Photoshoot At Vanna White’s Home

In this post Lion Brand’s Creative Director Adina Klein shares stories and behind-the-scenes photos from her recent visit to Vanna White’s home near Los Angeles, CA. Joining her were Lion Brand’s Production Coordinator Karlye Mayer and our lovely photographer Jack.

After twenty years, Vanna is definitely part of the Lion Brand family.  Some of us have been to her home and she’s been to ours. Most recently she attended the company barbecue at our New Jersey headquarters. Going to Vanna’s house is more like visiting a friend than visiting a celebrity–well, maybe, except for the fact that her house is nicer than most of our friends’ houses. And even though she has a beautiful home with spectacular views, there’s something so down-to-earth about it–just like Vanna.  Vanna even made us breakfast and let us into her closet to pick clothes for her for the shoot.

You’d think her closet would be filled with glamorous gowns, but it was actually filled with an assortment of jeans, slacks, sweaters and t-shirts! We hung out in her bedroom, playing with her cat, Stella, while she had her hair done. We walked around the house, while she got dressed, looking for great spots to photograph.  In case you couldn’t tell, we felt right at home.  You’d never know she is one of the most well-known celebrities in the world!

One thing we love about Vanna is that she’s always calm, always gracious, and always kind.  It made it a lot easier for us to get great photos of her because she puts everyone at ease.  Now that we’re back home, we’ll be editing the photos and finalizing the patterns for the beautiful afghans and garments we shot and soon you’ll see the results of the day we spent with Vanna.

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  • That is so cool that you got to hang out with Vanna. I’m not surprised she made the crew breakfast though, she seems like such a lovely and approachable person. Hugs to Vanna and Stella, you are both looking purrrrfect!!!

  • I went to a filming of Wheel in December. Vanna is very approachable. Between shows she came to the audience for questions. I asked her if she was knitting or crocheting anything. She said Of course, she had a couple things going. The also have a small display of her yarn with a couple pieces displayed in the entry to the studio along with their various award for the show. Very fun.

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