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Our Most Popular Patterns from the LB Collection

Working at Lion Brand allows me to go through thousands of interesting patterns in PatternFinder, our online pattern directory.  I love doing this because I get to discover all of the different patterns Lion Brand has to offer. Of course, this also means that I have a never-ending list of projects that I’ll never get to soon enough!

For those curious about the LB Collection itself, here are some of my favorite patterns:

Crochet Cardiff Cowl Knit Luxe Lace Pullover Crochet Natalia Scarf
Crochet Cardiff Cowl in
LB Collection® Baby Alpaca
Knit Luxe Lace Pullover in
LB Collection® Silk Mohair
Crochet Natalia Scarf in
LB Collection® Angora Merino

Atelier Gloves Crochet Persimmon Pullover Knit Cosmic Trail Scarf
Knit Atelier Gloves in
LB Collection® Cashmere
Crochet Persimmion Pullover in
LB Collection® Superwash Merino
Knit Cosmic Trail Scarf in
LB Collection® Silk
South Bay Shawlette in LB Collection Silk Mohair Knit Smartly Striped Vest Eyelet Shawl
Crochet South Bay Shawlette in
LB Collection® Silk Mohair
Knit Smartly Striped Vest in
LB Collection® Cotton Bamboo
Crochet Lace Eyelet Shawl in
LB Collection® Cashmere


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