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Our 2012 Fashion Show: Emerging Designers from Around the Globe

Early each year, Lion Brand hosts our annual fashion show, showcasing the amazing things that can be done with yarn. For me, it was a special fashion show, not only because I got to co-host the show with our spokesperson, Vanna White, but also because of the unique designs we featured.

This year, we worked with design students and emerging designers from all over the world (from Paris, Tokyo, Helsinki, New York, San Francisco, and more) who created spectacular, one-of-a-kind pieces out of your favorite Lion Brand yarns. They explored the theme, "Yarn Is Art."

These designers and design students truly showed just how incredible yarn creations can be, and we hope you're as inspired by their creativity and energy as we are.

Click here to learn more about the designers and their creations.

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  • http://twitter.com/cassyscrochet Cassandra

    im not sure how i feel about those designs, but they are original

  • Iguanamiaman

    Sadly I wore a loudly-colored geometric sweater dress like that in the 80's over leggings so that one didn't feel original or reinvented to me. But I actually really like the curved chevron dress by Elissa Eriksson and would totally wear that, well if it had a soft lining, fisherman's wool is a bit scratchy for all over next to the skin wear but I really liked how it looked on the model and the dress form. But what is CHA?

  • Emily

    The piece I actually liked the most was the scarf Vanna was wearing in the opening clip...is that Irish crochet? Is there a pattern available for it?

  • DeeAnna Swanson

    What fun!!! My favorite piece was the really long (floor length), freeform, cowl-scarf. Very cool!

  • Jschibel

    Stunning designs and inventive techniques. Great inspiration! Thank you Lion Brand.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003124282727 Christine Valenciano

    Okay, so...bulky, no drape, not form-flattering at all - what a shame considering all the wonderful, glorious things that can be done with yarn!   Honestly, I feel like when people watch these kinds of fashion shows it's like "The Emperor's New Clothes" scenario all over again!  The stuff is mostly pretty ugly, but put a label of "fashion" on it and people start acting like it's fabulous instead!  Hope there's room here for differing opinions.  Sorry - just sayin'...  (Oh - but the amount of funds raised for St. Jude Children's Hospital is just awesome!  Go LionBrand and Vanna! =)

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003124282727 Christine Valenciano

    @Zontee - OMGosh!  Just LOVE the many tags after your name - all those hats!  d:-)  And you do an awesome job at all of them!  LionBrand is still my #1 go-to site for just about everything!  Thanks a ton!  =D

  • Paula

    Not to sound overly critical, but these 'garments' are really unappealing, impractical garbage!  Why not feature beautiful garments and accessories that people would actually wear and use?  That certainly would elevate knitting to a place where many more people would be clamoring to learn how.  If the perception is that the only items that can be created are awful junk like this, how are we ever going to convince our friends and children that this is a worthwhile hobby (or life passion!)?...

  • bettacrochet

    Cool! I love that! I will work on some fancy stuff like that in poncho form!


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