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Our 10 Most Popular Patterns from 2013!

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Our 10 Most Popular Patterns from 2013!

We’re gearing up for 2014 with lots of surprises ahead, but I wanted to take time to reflect on 2013.

I’m always amazed at how many patterns we have in Patternfinder—I’m often asking myself “how could I have not noticed this one?” Our Design department has been working very hard this year, and we think they’ve really outdone themselves with all new patterns they’ve created.

Now that the holidays are over, you can start working on projects for yourself again; the projects you dreamt about while you knitted or crocheted gifts for loved ones. Or maybe you’re ready to start fresh and you’re looking for ideas!

With that in mind, I’ve collected the most popular patterns of this past year, including our District 12 Cowl Wrap, which turned out to be the most popular pattern of all!

District 12 Cowl

Knit Entrelac Cowl Knit Colorplay Hoodie Crochet Quick and Cushy Cowl
Knit Entrelac Cowl
in Wool-Ease®
Knit Colorplay Hoodie
in Amazing®
Crochet Quick Cushy Hat and Cowl Set
in Homespun® Thick and Quick®
Crochet Wine Bottle Hats & Scarves Crochet Cardiff Cowl Crochet Striped Dog Sweater
Crochet Wine Bottle Hats and Scarves
in Bonbons
Crochet Cardiff Cowl
in LB Collection® Baby Alpaca
Crochet Striped Dog Sweater
in Wool-Ease® Thick & Quick®
Crochet Cozy Cocoon Poncho Knit Flip-Top Mittens Knit Modular Cable Afghan
Crochet Cozy Cocoon Poncho
in Homespun® Thick and Quick®
Knit Flip-Top Mittens
in Heartland
Knit Modular Cable Afghan
in Wool-Ease® Thick & Quick®

Are you working on any projects that will carry into new year? Do tell us!

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  • In the new year, I’m making a blanket for my parents’ 30th anniversary! I plan to use the Mayfield (or is it Mayfair?) pattern. I’d like to make a modular cable afghan for my husband and I as well. 🙂 I’m also going to learn more abut circular knitting.

  • Lion always has the best selection of free patterns….more than any other yarn company I’ve found. Even if I’m not using Lion yarn (yikes!) I check there for patterns!

  • I LOVE the Entrelac Cowl! We just don’t have the climate to make that an appropriate accessory 🙁

    • try making it in a lighter weight yarn on the same needle size. It gives it a more lacey look and it scrunches down a bit more but still shows off your work. I live in So calif and it is light enuff for my area.

      • Thank you! That’s a great idea — don’t know why I didn’t think of it because I do that when I make baby blankets.

  • I’m already starting on gifts for next Christmas, have to make several elf on the shelf, a Jack Skellington, a couple of filet placemats as well as several afghans (at least one of which is a Lion’s Brand pattern) and several cowls/scarves.

    • do you have a pattern for elf on the shelf

  • I’m so going to make the Cozy Cocoon Poncho (For me).

  • I am currently working on four different patterns. a basic shrug using Tweed Stripes, a Snap convertible Cowl shrug using Amazing, a sweater using Wool Ease Thick and Quick and a casual comfort jacket using homespun Thick and Quick.

  • I will be making blankets and matching hats for the newborn nursery of the local hospital where 3 of my 8 grandchildren were born. I gave them 32 sets of these last year. I will also make hats for the local fire department’s Christmas program to which I have contributed for the last 6-8 years. This past Christmas I gave them 190 hats and 190 matching scarves. My newest thing to try is the fingerless gloves.

    • Wow, that is an impressive number of items in a year! Do you do them all yourself or have helpers? How many hours a day do you knit to accomplish that? Do you have favorite patterns? I love making baby afghans – have done over 100 as gifts/donations, but that has been over the past 30 years. Kudos to you for your generosity. It’s inspiring!

      • Thanks for the comment. I make them all myself. For the baby blankets I often just use a granny square, sometimes in a solid, sometimes in variegated yarns, sometimes just changing colors on a whim and creating stripes. I have also made a simple ripple afghan for the babies. I knit or crochet about every night and always have a work in progress. I find the work to be relaxing and a way to “wind down” before bedtime.

        • I call that therapy 🙂

        • Wow! You are to be commended my friend. How lovely and generous. I seem to take so long to make things depending on the item. Keep up the good work. I am certain all is appreciated. kt

        • I knit for baby/children charities also. another easy pattern is the standard “granny dishcloth” or diagonal baby blanket – it’s a no brainer and easy to take some place you don’t want to worry about a complicated pattern. Just use a nice soft yarn and knit to size desired. Make great car seat blankies when about 25 x 25.

  • All year long while having cancer treatment and in the evening on the sofa you’ll find me knitting prayer shawls using three skeins of Lion Brand Homespun yarn. So soft and colorful!

    • I, too, love knitting prayer shawls with Homespun. I wish you well with your treatment.

    • Sorry to hear you’re going through cancer and treatment! I’ve made a 4 prayer shawls with the homespun, two for cancer patients. The other two were for my daughters, who wanted something soft, warm and comforting when they were home sick from school. All four recipients love the shawls. My advice is to keep some soothing eye drops on hand, as I found the fluffy fibers from the Homespun yarn would get in my eyes and make them feel scratchy. The drops (I used “artificial tears”, over the counter in drug/grocery stores), really helped. Praying you’re healed and well soon!

  • Currently working on a simple shrug and a colorful simple cowl for me. Also some simple knit hats for the chemo patients of my local hospital – my last chemo session being next week. I also have 2 snowmen to make and an angel for a wall hanging that I am still working on. Can’t keep myself from looking at additional projects and yarns – LOL!

  • I am looking for a vest pattern, one that is long and has a slightly lacy texture, something with medium weight or sport weight yarn and lighter. Can anyone help me. Thanks K. Johnson

  • Does anyone have a pattern to knit a tree skirt?

    • Maria….I have several. I would be happy to share it with you but not sure how to do that unless I mail it or fax it. I can be technologically challenged. I could take a pic of it and email it or send it by phone. Let me know. kt

  • I’m looking for a pattern for crochet flip top mittens. Can anyone help?

    • I see those patterns all the time. In fact, I just saw one the other day. Go to ‘’ and click on their sneek peek page or go to patterns and put in what you want. Their yarn is a bit expensive but you can get a pattern or book for accessories very cheap. Good luck!

  • I am determined to finish a white cardigan that I have been working on for approx. 10 years. I only have the sleeves and button band left but I keep getting sidetracked with projects for everyone else that are much more fun to make. I have forbidden myself to purchase a white cardigan in an effort to finish this UFO. Wish me luck folks!

    • Hi Katie,
      I see that you are like me. I have a couple of tricks I pull on myself in order to finish projects that get pushed to the back of the bus. One is; I don’t allow myself to work on a new project unless I put in 30 mins on what is being pushed back. Another is, and it works well with new projects that require a mental break. You got it! The mental break is 30 mins on what is being pushed back. The all time fave is to take that pushed back project with me when I go somewhere where I can either knit on the way, knit upon arriving, or both. If I don’t take the new, more interesting project with me, I am FORCED to work on the pushed back project. All of these work like a charm for me. The hard part is making myself ‘mind’ my rules.
      Good luck to you with your white cardigan.
      Happy New Year!

    • MJ….thanks so much for those great tips. I don’t know why I didn’t think of those. I will most definitely employ them and hopefully, finish my sweater. Happy New Year!

  • I bought the Keppi yarn that says one ball makes a hat, from baby to adult size small. I started to make the adult size small and I’m not even 1/4 of the length it should
    be and I’m out of yarn! Make sure you get extra!!

  • I have purchased 8 balls of Wool-Ease worsted to make a cabled pullover.

  • Love the patterns

  • […] Lion Brand Yarn has put together a collection of its 10 most popular patterns. I love the pint-sized Colorplay Hoodie and the Entrelac Cowl (I’ve been meaning to knit something like that for a while). The most popular pattern was the District 12 Cowl Wrap inspired by “Catching Fire.” […]

  • In honor of the District 12 Cowl Wrap being the most popular pattern of 2013, I will make one for my cousin, the #1 Hunger Games Fan.

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