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One Size Fits Most! The High Plains Cardi

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One Size Fits Most! The High Plains Cardi


The High Plains cardigan, shown above, is knit in the easy-care, oh-so-soft Jeans yarn. It is worked in 5 pieces (back, 2 fronts, and 2 sleeves) and then seamed together to finish. And there are pockets! (The pocket linings are worked separately and stitched into place.) High Plains is a Level 2 Easy (beginner +) pattern, which makes it very achievable by a wide range of knitters. .

One of the best things about the High Plains cardigan is it’s versatility in style and fit. When you see a garment online it is often difficult to discern how it might flatter your body. If it’s an item you plan on making then you’re faced with even more questions. After all the time and effort spent working on it, will it fit you properly? Do you need to plan modifications? Do you just think you need modifications, but in reality it will work even though it doesn’t seem likely?

We gathered 5 Lion Brand staffers together to show you just how great the High Plains cardigan looks across different sizes. Although each of the women are different body types, they all modeled the same size sweater. As you can see in the video, they all look amazing.

You can purchase the High Plains cardigan as a kit that includes enough yarn for your size along with a PDF copy of the pattern. Jeans yarn colors in the kit are: Brand New, Stonewash, Vintage, and Faded.

high plains cardi

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