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One of the Greatest Parts of My Job

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One of the Greatest Parts of My Job

I was delighted to receive a beautiful thank you note from the Westchester Knitting Guild last week. It made my day to know that my hard work and efforts were so greatly appreciated. One of the greatest parts of my job is going to speak at guilds and other yarn-loving organizations because it allows me to share the Lion Brand story and interact with our customers on a personal level. Meeting with the Westchester Knitting Guild is always such a pleasure; they are such a delightful group! I would especially like to thank Olive McNeil for being so gracious and welcoming. You ladies are the greatest!

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  • When are you going to start knitting along – a new beautiful garment like the shrug we just finished? I was so delighted because sometimes I got confused about the instructions, but showed so clear as I have seen them, Oh God, was easy and nice ! Thanks to the person who took her time and efforts.

    Zontee says: Hi Lilita, like it said at the end of Stefanie’s last knit-along post, we will be having a new charity knit- and crochet- along later this summer. Also, please leave your comments on the blog posts on which they relate so that other people can also benefit from them.

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