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One of the Greatest Family Fun Events!

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One of the Greatest Family Fun Events!

If you’re looking for an amazingly entertaining, educational and fun outting, join about 85,000 people of all ages in the San Mateo County Expo Center at the end of May. Lion Brand will be a sponsor of Maker Faire for the third year in a row.  Other sponsors include Whole Foods, Google, and Yahoo.   You’ll see the do-it-yourself movement in full swing with exhibits and hands-on activities that include science, technology and crafts.

Stop by our booth for a special crafting project created especially for this event.  In June, we’ll introduce patterns for these beginner-level yarncrafting projects on our website!

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  • Dear Lion brand,
    I’m living in Italy and want to make the shrug. Do you post materials abroad?
    As an altrnative I’ve looked at he Banyan tree yarns site in GB, but they don’t seem to have your organic wool. Would Lion Wool be a possible substitute? And how much would I need for the smallest size in the pattern?
    Thanks for all help and information. I hope I can get on board before you’ve all finished

    Zontee says: Hi Imelda, sorry, we do not ship outside of the U.S. and Canada, but yes, purchasing Lion Wool through Banyan Trees in the UK is a good substitute. To get the yardage/meters needed, multiply the balls of Organic Wool needed in the pattern by the yardage/meters in Organic Wool, then divide by the yardage/meters in Lion Wool. This is how you substitute a yarn into any pattern. Hope that helps! Enjoy!

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