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Oh, come on! It's a new "Out of the Loop" -- a Lion Brand Yarn comic created by Todd Clark ...

We've teamed up with Todd Clark, creator of the ever-popular Lola series, to bring you "Out of the Loop," a regular one-panel comic featuring humorous takes on the world of yarn-crafting.

Enjoy and please share widely!


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  • Kayla P

    This reminds me. We had this sign in a store I worked in, a guy came in with a shirt and shoes with his junk hanging out. He started to give the manager a hard time because the sign didn't specify pants or underwear!
    Can't wait to see more of these comics.

  • Julia

    I was on a job interview in a hair salon when a man with a mustache, wearing a Hawiian flowered shirt came in to do the same thing. Well, he stood behind the desk and talked to the manager giving all of his qualifications. They talked for about 10 minutes and finally the manager said, "I'm afraid we cannot use you at this time". The man thanked the manager for his time and left the shop. As he was walking away, the manager motioned for me to come up next to her and look at the man as he was leaving. As he walked out the the shop and toward his car, we saw the rest of his outfit. He had red stilletos and a frilly tutu kind of a skirt on...boy did we laugh!