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Non-Slip Slipper Bottoms

Slippers are popular winter projects for both crocheters and knitters. However, the soles of handmade slippers can be, well, slippery. Here are a few ideas for making your slipper soles non-skid.
Felted Slip Ons

  • Pre-made soles. Our suede soles are durable and warm. They also add some traction to your slippers. You can also find leather soles or anti-skid gripping fabric that can be attached to your project.
  • Puffing craft paint. Simply dot the paint on your slipper bottoms (like the bottoms of commercially produced slippers). Although your paint may wear off a bit with heavy use, you can just reapply the dots.
  • Liquid rug backing. Found in craft and home improvement stores, this product can be painted onto slipper bottoms. It then dries to form a durable, skid-free sole.

Do you like to make slippers? How do you make your slipper bottoms non-slip? Let us know in the comments!

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