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Nominate the YarnCraft Podcast for a Podcast Award!

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Nominate the YarnCraft Podcast for a Podcast Award!

Liz & I love writing/recording/producing the YarnCraft podcast — it’s a fun activity on top of our regular jobs here at Lion Brand, and it’s always great connecting with you, our customers and listeners.

If YarnCraft is a podcast that you love, help us show the world what knitters & crocheters are all about! You still have 5 days to nominate us for a People’s Choice Podcast Award! Nominations are open until Oct. 18, and if we make the cut, we’ll let you know when official voting begins!

Nominate at:

How this works: You can write us in for EITHER People’s Choice OR Best Produced, PLUS one other category (Cultural/Arts probably makes the most sense). Simply type in our podcast name: YarnCraft and our URL: in those fields — then fill in your info at the bottom, and click “submit.” It’s just that easy!

And as always, share your thoughts, questions, suggestions, and more — we always love getting your feedback!

And of course, join us next Tuesday (and every other Tuesday) for a new episode of YarnCraft!

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