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Nili Demos Machine Knitting with Michelle of

When we started carrying the LK-150 knitting machine, lots of people asked us what it was like — although machine knitting has been around for a long time, many yarncrafters have never tried it or seen it, but it’s a wonderful (and fast) way to create.

Click below to watch our video demo!

The yarn being used is LB 1878, a fingering weight 100% wool yarn on cones (making it easier for machine knitters), but you can use any yarn up to category 5 (bulky) on this machine. The LK-150 comes with a user’s manual and all the parts you see here.

AND if you’re in the NYC area, call or visit to find out how you can take lessons on the machine at the Lion Brand Yarn Studio.

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  • Looks very interesting – but I am sorry to say the audio left a lot to be desired. I could not understand what was being said, and there was a lot of background noise that didn’t help either.

  • Didn’t really show what the LK150 can do. I agree there was too much background noise.

    Also, any interested knitters in the Chicagoland area can visit one of the machine knitter’s clubs. Knittin’ To It Machine Knitter’s club, web site: and Interknit Machine Knitter’s Club, web site:

    Happy knitting!

    Zontee says: Hi Mary, the LK-150 certainly can do a lot more than we showed, but we wanted to give people just a glimpse of how the machine is worked, since many hand-knitters have never seen a machine worked at all. We certainly encourage people to find local classes or join their local machine knitter’s guild for more guidance and support.

  • I am interested in the knitting machine having been a hand knitter for over 40 years. I would like to know if you can use hand knitting patterns with the machine. I am interested if you can, do they need to be converted. I have seen knitting apparatus sold on Ebay that interface with knitting machines for following patterns but would like to know if that’s necessary.

  • Thanks for the video demo! I can’t wait to take the class!

  • I honestly could not understand or hear the young lady as she was speaking. I am thrilled however that you did a “piece” on the knitting machine and hope this is not the first or last.

    It would be wonderful IF you put more of your yarns on cones for us machine knitters as well!

    Zontee says: Hi Sandy, don’t forget to check out Woolspun, our dyeable wool yarn on cones.

  • I bought a Singer LK150 machine on Ebay about 5 years ago. It’s in perfect condition, and I have yet to use it. I am going to take the class!!!! I’m so excited.

  • Thanks for the video. Its quite useful & displayed very clearly. I will try to knitting through knitting machine henceforth.

  • Hi,
    I am a hobby machine knitter. I use manual and electronic machines; standard, mid and bulky gauges. I also use a computer for designing garment shapes and stitch patterns. Coned yarns are essential for me. I wonder when hand knitters will catch on that coned yarns are much more economical than these itty bitty, oh so expensive, tiny balls, which have to be rewound anyway to be useable for the machines? Buying a knitting machine from a retailer who does not carry the appropriate yarns must be a most frustrating experience for new machine knitters. Yes, almost all hand knitting yarns can be knitted on machines; but many require considerable knowledge of machines and yarns to do so successfully. Lion Brand has many yarns I like, but the added work and expense to make the yarns useable for my machines, very seldom end up in any knitted items. Oh well, back to my knitting; an afghan for my son for which I would have liked some of the Lion Brand yarns from the nearest retailer, just a few miles from my home. Instead, I drove over a 120 miles to buy coned yarns. I wonder, is anybody listening?


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  • I LOVE this knitting machine!! I can work with fine baby weight yarn up to very bulky boucle yarn. It goes so quickly, it takes very little time to make an afghan.

    By the way, it is NOT cheating to use a knitting machine. Ever use a sewing machine or cut the grass with a pair of scissors? It’s a tool to get the job done.

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  • Your website states that you have hundreds of machine knitting patterns. I could find only 6 in the drop down menu under patterns. Are the others tucked away somewhere? I would love to see more machine patterns. There are a LOT of us out here!!!

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