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News on the Lion Brand Yarn Studio!

“What’s going on with the Studio?” the question we’ve been reading in e-mails, blogs, and message boards. The short answer is a LOT! First I wanted to introduce myself to you and say how much I’m looking forward to knitting and crocheting with you all. My name is Patty and I’m the new Studio Manager. I’m thrilled and honored to be part of this amazing new project.

The Lion Brand Yarn Studio will be a place to showcase the Lion Brand spirit of inspiration, education, innovation and contemporary design for yarn crafters.  The Studio will offer classes, workshops, special events, fashion shows, knitting circles, movie nights, book signings and more--if it’s fun and yarn-related, we want to do it!

Our grand opening will be November 18, 2008.  Look for details in our newsletter.

So, here’s where you come in. Tell us what you’d like to do and see in the studio. What are some of your ideas for fun knitting events? Post a comment. We want to hear from you.

On a personal note, as a knitter, being part of Lion Brand family is like coming full circle for me. My mother taught me how to knit when I was a kid, but I never got past a scarf. I really became passionate about it 7 years ago, and I haven’t gone one day without knitting since. My first sweater was a Lion Brand free pattern, the Hooded Knitted Sweater. I knit it out of Homespun. It was the perfect beginner pattern, but I was NOT the perfect beginner knitter. I didn’t understand gauge, and I was a crazy tight knitter, so it turned out to be a perfect sweater for my (then) 12 year-old niece.

Ah well, we all keep learning and improving, and that’s what the Lion Brand Yarn Studio is all about!

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