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New to Yarncrafting? We’ve Got Some Tips to Help You Along Your Journey

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New to Yarncrafting? We’ve Got Some Tips to Help You Along Your Journey

Secret Stash: Helpful Tips For Yarn LoversI’ve mentioned in previous posts that I’m still a beginner yarn crafter, as I just learned how to knit last summer. Since I’m not as experienced as others, I’m always thankful when I find tips or new techniques to improve my knitting experience as a whole.  Lion Brand just released an e-book entitled Secret Stash: Helpful Tips For Yarn Lovers, which is a compilation of tips submitted by users like you, ranging in topics from organization, how to teach others to knit/crochet, easy ways work with multiple yarns at once, and a lot more.  As a little sneak peek, I thought I’d share some of my favorite tips with you!

I think this one is my favorite:

 “I knit up gauge swatches for the yarns in my stash and staple them to index cards on a spiral ring.

I write the yarn name, color name, care instructions, needle size and gauge on each card.  That way, the next time I use that yarn, I don’t have to swatch again. It also works well as a color wheel for choosing shades for a new project”

-Collen M. Palmer

Here’s a useful tip for crocheting, if you happen to take the hooks out of your projects to use them for others:

I keep a small plastic container of alphabet beads in my project bag. That way, when I am finished with a project for the day, I can slip the letter bead that corresponds to the crochet hook I’m using onto the stitch holder.  When I pick it up again, I can tell the size hook I was using just by looking at the bead.”

-Amy Reynolds

I found this one especially helpful as I’ve previously let my ball roll on the floor, only to end up picking off lint or other miscellaneous items out of yarn:

When using yarn that doesn’t pull from the center, put the skein in a plastic grocery bag, thread the end of the yarn through the top and tie the handles loosely.  The yarn will roll around in the bag, not all over the floor, and you’ll save the time of winding it into a ball.”

-Glenda Sharp

Find more useful tips and tricks in the downloadable e-book for $2.99, listed here.

Do you have any secret tricks that you’ve found useful over the years? Share with us in the comments.

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  • In crochet, when signing off, many patterns (such as in hats) will say to leave a 6″ strand of yarn, thread this through a yarn needle, and weave into the finished product.  However, I find it much easier and convenient to use a small size crochet needle to weave into the material.  It is too hard to thread a yarn needle with thick yarn.

    •  Thanks for your tip Joyceckidd! That’s a good idea as well.

    • they have different sized darning needles to use with different thicknesses of yarn.. I have 3 different sized darning needles and the largest fits bulky yarn perfectly

  • my comment is vanished.. now some one can help me.. where it go… ???? 

  • […] New to Yarncrafting? We’ve Got Some Tips to Help You Along Your Journey […]

  • When using long pull skeins of yarn that won’t pull from the center, I lay the skein in a long narrow basket and let it roll in there.  It keeps it nearby and keeps it clean.  

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