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Try Rewind, Our Versatile Tape Yarn!

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Try Rewind, Our Versatile Tape Yarn!

We just know you’re going to love our newest yarn, Rewind. If you’ve never tried a tape yarn before, then you are in for a treat! It’s sure to be the answer to crafting questions you didn’t even know you were asking. This yarn is trans-seasonal and on-trend, so you’ll love crafting shawls, accessories, and sweaters to use year-round.

Breezy Cardigan (Knit) in Think Pink

Rewind, Your New Favorite Tape Yarn

The CYC 5 Bulky weight of this yarn will make your projects fly by. It’s Polyester and Viscose blend, and as a result, your finished products will be durable. These qualities combined make Rewind an especially excellent choice for accessories and decor pieces.

The first 8 colors of this fun new yarn offer big variety, from bright pops of color to living-room-worthy neutrals. Also, some of the more sand-washed color options are ideal for unobtrusive home projects. Though of course you could craft unconventionally, and let your afghan or basket be the focal point of your interior design!

And with each 3.5oz (100g) skein measuring 242yd (221m), you’ll be whipping up whole projects with just one or two.

Check out a gorgeous example of the stitch definition that’s possible with Rewind in the photo at the left. It’s our Breezy Cardigan (Knit), stitched up in Rewind in Think Pink.

Rewind Patterns: Accessories

First, a few cute neckwear accessories that will make quick & easy Rewind projects. Our Yukon Cowl (Knit) takes just one skein of this yarn, so it’ll work up quickly! Next, our Drop Stitch Shawl (Knit) makes the most of the sunny Make Lemonade colorway. Lastly our Cos Cob Cowl (Crochet) features more of an open weave, which is maximized by the stitch definition possible with Rewind.

Then, there’s this beautiful summer project, our Easy Lace Shawl (Knit). Not only is it a beautiful lacy texture, but it’s much easier to make than it looks! While this is only a Level 2 pattern, the finished product looks much more elevated. This would make a beautiful gift, too.

Tape Yarn

Easy Lace Shawl (Knit)

If you want to test the durability of this tape yarn, then crafting a summer tote is the perfect project. Our Pensacola Bag (Crochet) has been a very popular pattern so far this summer, because of its elevated style. The stitch variation creates a fun striping pattern, and because of its unique texture, Rewind is just the yarn to highlight it. Another fun tote to try is our Siesta Key Bag (Crochet). This one is a little smaller, so it’s hard to overfill, and it’ll give you the chance to practice some simple color changes.

Rewind Patterns: Garments

When you’re looking for summer garments to whip up, Rewind has some adorable options. For example, our Openwork Cover-Up (Crochet). The open-weave makes this a perfect beach cover-up, while it’s light enough to layer over a tank or a sundress. Plus, the boxy shape is very on-trend. But if you’re looking for an even lighter-weight option, our Breezy Cardigan (Knit) will do the trick. The minimal shape won’t overwhelm, either in aesthetic or heaviness. Or, try our Camden Cardigan (Knit) for a more substantial style! You’ll be wearing this cardi all through the summer and well into the fall.

Finally, our biggest Rewind project, the Santa Monica Pullover (Knit). This sweater has the easy open-weave that tape yarn does so well, in addition to a lovely drape. The bell sleeves are stylish, and will feel more cozy than cumbersome, because of the light feel of the fiber. And while we love the refined charcoal gray, you could certainly opt for another colorway for a completely different look.

Rewind Your Style

Take your style somewhere completely new with our new tape yarn. Whether it’s your first foray into this kind of fiber, or you’re a tape yarn fan, we’d love to hear what you think of Rewind. Let us know in the comments below, and be sure to tag us in photos when you work it up!
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  • Polyester and Rayon – I had to look up what ‘viscose’ meant. It sounds like a lovely, soft yarn.

    • Thank you, Susan – hope you get a chance to try it soon!

  • Love the Pensacola bag!! How about a knit version?

  • Loving everything Lion Brand!

    • Aw, thanks, Yvonne! 🙂

  • Is the rewind tape yarn the same as fast track yarn?

    • Hi, Jacqueline – They’re two different yarns, actually!

  • I LOVE this yarn to crochet bags with!
    it is easy on your hands and works up quickly-
    PLEASE make a LINEN color in this yarn, Lion Brand!

    • Thanks, Suzanne, so glad you’re loving it! Will pass your feedback along. 🙂

  • While I love the look and feel of this “tape” type yarn, it is extremely difficult to work with if you have arthritis in your hands.

  • Sad I can’t find this yarn in any local stores 🙁

  • Would this yarn work with doing a small throw ??

  • I have your kit B70202 Verona Basket Tote. It is listed as beginner +. I hadn’t paid attention when I ordered it that it is worked in tapestry Crochet. I have been crocheting for about 35 years and never heard of this stitch. My husband said “Google It” and luckily they have nice videos of tapestry stitch. Then I really read the instruction and it sounds like using 2 skeins of the same color to start the Yarn is used from both the inside and outside of both skeins (4 threads at once). This is really awkward!
    Is this really how this pattern is supposed to be used?

  • I’m working on the Capri Circle Bag (B70201) and I’m unsure of how to proceed. I have completed the circles and the outer edge band using 2 strands. But it’s not clear if you should use 2 stands for the cnstruction. I’m worried that I will run out of yar before I do the tassel. Any tips? I’ve never worked with ribbon yarn before. This yarn is a wonderful texture and easy to work with. I’m already dreaming of new projects to try!

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