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New, Informative Labels on Lion Brand Yarns

HSTQ label

Have you noticed that we've changed our label? Over the past year, we've updated the Lion Brand yarn labels to be more helpful for you and your crafting needs.  New additions such as a ruler grid, project icons, and care icons have been added to help you select the perfect yarn for your project. You can find the following label icons under the project image on various Lion Brand yarns.

 Project Icons indicate what kind of project a particular yarn is ideal for:

Trilingual Icons From left to right: scarf, hat, garments, and baby items.

Trilingual Icons

From left to right: afghans, amigurumi/toys, accessories/purses, and socks.

Care Icons indicate how to wash and dry your item:

Trilingual Icons From left to right: handwash and lay flat to dry, handwash and machine dry.
Trilingual Icons From left to right: machine wash and lay flat to dry, machine wash and machine dry.

Ruler grids on each side of the label for inches and centimeters:

Label ruler images

We hope you find these new labels even more helpful when selecting yarns, and while working on your project.

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  • joanne

    Good idea - should be much easier to find right yarn for a project. Thanks for sending all this information.

  • Deebee

    I like the new labels. The graphics are clear and fresh. The amount of information is great, andthe way ist presented its not crowded. However, I miss the patterns on the labels.

  • Janet Marr Reinhart

    Good job, Lion Brand! Thanks for thinking of your consumers!

  • Pat

    My one request, use a larger font on the gauge squares. They are very difficult to read with such small numbers.

  • MMMBaker

    I like the new labels except they do not have the typical numbers associated with yarn: 0-6 from fine to extra-bulky. They make it easier to compare alternative yarns and I miss having them on the Lion Brand labels.