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New Basic Yarn is Our New Favorite

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New Basic Yarn is Our New Favorite

As you might imagine, we get to play with a lot of yarns here at the Lion Brand office. New lines come in and we gather around to pair colors, make swatches, and plan projects. Currently we’re infatuated with New Basic 175. It’s probably safe that to say New Basic is our new favorite yarn.

Over the next few weeks you will begin to see more patterns, kits, and posts about New Basic 175. Once you see these things we think you will begin to understand why we’re so excited by this yarn! It has all the makings of a yarn-craft staple. It’s soft, has a fantastic drape, comes in a wide array of colors (24), and is the ever popular worsted weight.


New Basic 175 yarn comes in 24 project-inspiring colors.

A ball of New Basic 175 weighs in a 3.5 ounces/100 grams and has 175 yards (surprise!)/160 meters. It’s a versatile blend of 75% acrylic and 25% wool. This gives it just enough warmth to take you through the seasons. Try it for hats and sweaters in the Fall and Winter and wraps and ponchos for the Spring and cool Summer nights. And then there’s also home decor and afghans.


Designers Love New Basic Yarn

Our Blogger partners also love New Basic 175. Two of Wands brought us the Stratus Wrap. It went over so well here in the office that we decided we needed to give you more color combinations to choose from. We got our needles clicking and will soon have 3 new colorways available as kits. We want to live in this cozy wrap. It’s like comfort disguised as a beautiful accessory. You just can’t go wrong. (The Stratus Wrap is a knitted triangular shawl.)


Mama In A Stitch also designed a gorgeous pattern with New Basic 175. Her Baja Blanket Sweater is must-crochet. When we saw it we eagerly picked out our favorite colors for kit variations. The Baja Blanket Sweater is crocheted without shaping and has minimal finishing, so expect it to fly off your hook and into your wardrobe rotation. This cozy piece will take you through seasons.

Both of these designs perfectly illustrate the beauty of New Basic 175. Drape, color, and versatility are all keywords for the yarn and the designs it inspires.

If you want to see more color combination ideas you can check the color sets page.

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