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Needle Craft at the Theater

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Needle Craft at the Theater

You never know where you will see knitted and crocheted items. Last week I went to an off-Broadway show and found a small café section that had tables and chairs that were all crocheted with vibrant geometric designs. This made my night even more enjoyable. The level of creativity and cleverness that people have never ceases to amaze me. I have attached some pictures for your viewing pleasure. Click on the slide show below to rotate through the photos.


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  • How cool and what a great idea to spruce up a oridinary glass top table.

  • I have two questions I hope you will help me with. First, I want to make the crocheted modern alchemy afghan #90346AD big enough for a cover for my queensize bed. I have looked up your article on adjusting patterns, but sadly, am no good at math. I would like it to hang over about 3-4 inches on the side. Any help or ideas would be great. Second, I love the triangle scarf #50442 using the discontinued trellis yarn. Any suggestions I could use in place of the trellis?
    I sure enjoy your podcast, I wish you would do it weekly! Keep up the great work–you are so motivational!

    Zontee says: Hi Renee, comments left on the blog should relate to the topics on which they were left. If you need help with a pattern or a yarn suggestion, please e-mail, or as you’ve probably heard from the podcast, you can leave us a question over at the YarnCraft blog.

    Thanks for the kind words about the podcast, but again, we ask you to leave your comments in the appropriate places — in the case of YarnCraft, please leave comments and questions over at its website — thanks.

  • Jack, you don’t tell us which theater it was. Those of us in the NYC area would like to know, as we might like to see it for ourselves. Please let us know where this was. Thanks.

    Jack says: It was at Bleecker Street Theatre, 45 Bleecker Steet, NYC.

  • I have crocheted items for use in the costume department of my daughter’s high school theatre program. Last year I crocheted “bathing caps” for use in a beach scene, and a beret for an eccentric character in another show. 🙂

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