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New to NaKniSweMo? 10 Free & Easy Sweaters

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New to NaKniSweMo? 10 Free & Easy Sweaters

Chances are, you may have heard of National Novel Writing Month. Adorably shortened to ‘NaNoWriMo’, this annual write-a-thon sends aspiring writers into a flurry every November. But for those who get creative with needles & hooks, there’s a much more low-key movement to join: NaKniSweMo. National Knit a Sweater Month is the chance to join fellow crafters in the goal of starting – and finishing – a sweater this November. To join the fun, choose one of our 10 free & easy sweater patterns below. Don’t worry, crocheters, despite the name, you’re definitely invited to join this month of furious stitching. Choose a pattern, raid your stash, and be sure to finish your sweater by November 30!

NaKniSweMo: 10 Free & Easy Patterns

Easy Peasy: Level 1 Patterns

The first step for any project is, of course, choosing what you’ll make! Since NaKniSweMo is also a stash-busting opportunity, you might want to identify what yarns you have that could fulfill a full pattern, and let that guide your choice. The Seed Stitch Cardi with Scarf (Knit) is worked up our Homespun Yarn, but you could substitute any CYC 5 Bulky fiber. Bonus points if you use something heathered, since that will give more dimension to your project! Our Level 1 Knit Pullover features some fun details, plus, you get to work in two colors. This relaxed boxy shape is still very on-trend, so this pattern would be a great choice. If you choose our Garter Stitch Pullover (Knit), then your sweater will practically fly out of your hands well before your November 30 deadline!

Since there aren’t any formal rules for NaKniSweMo, we’ve included a couple cardigan patterns for variety. Our Level 1 Knit Cardigan has an adorable shape, hitting just at the waist, and there are no buttons to make it fussy. The simple details at the edges, waist, and cuffs make a surprisingly big impact, giving the impression that this project was much more complicated. Another cardi option is our Level 1 Crocheted Cardigan, the only Level 1 crochet pattern on our list.

Level Up: Level 2 Patterns

It’s amazing what a difference adding just a technique or two can make. These three patterns are all Level 2, and they’re also all fabulous neutrals. Our Simply Constructed Pullover (Crochet) features a very attractive all-over ribbing, and the cute detail of extra length at the back. While the sleeves are designed to be three-quarter, you could definitely keep chaining for a full-sleeve look. The Level 2 Knit Pullover also features some ribbing, as well as some other fun & simple stitch variations. The open mock-neck is very stylish, as is the slightly boxy shape. If you’re looking for maximum coziness, then the Cozy Collared Pullover (Knit) would be a fun project to make and wear. You’ll have the chance to work with two different yarns, which will create a fun mix of textures and neutrals.

Last, two colorful crochet patterns to finish out our list! The Amarillo Pullover (Crochet) is a wonderful project if you live in a warmer place, but still want to participate in NaKniSweMo. The open weave would be cute over a sundress, tank, or a long-sleeve shirt for colder weather. If you don’t have the necessary 5 skeins of a CYC 4 Medium yarn, then definitely check out the recommended Feels Like Butta. And if orange isn’t for you, there are many other delicious colors to choose from. Now our Lisbet Pullover (Crochet) may be one of our newer patterns, but we think the look is going to be timeless. The simple color-blocking is not only easier to achieve, but it also looks clean & classic. And you can’t go wrong with two harmonious blues! The weight of this sweater is also going to be nice for chilly days.

Will You Be Making a Sweater This Month?

Have you participated in NaKniSweMo before? If so, how did it go? Let us know in the comments if you’re a dedicated November-sweater-maker, or if you’re thinking of joining in the fun for the first time. And keep us updated on your progress – we’ll cheer you on to the finish line, and we’d love to see your FOs come November 30.

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  • First timer

  • I love this idea and the patterns you posted are super cute and look great. My only issue is that you proclaim them to be free patterns in your article and at least one of them is not. It was very disappointing to click through all the way only to find out it was a paid pattern.

  • Not alll are free, but I’m not surprised that a designer wants to get paid. There are only 6 knit pattern, the other 4 are crochet. Shame if you, Lion! You should know the difference.

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