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My Life In Yarn: Nikki Stokes

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My Life In Yarn: Nikki Stokes

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My name is Nikki Stokes. I am a native of Baltimore Maryland. I am a mom, autism advocate and crochet extraordinaire! Find me on Instagram @hge_designs

Q: What’s your favorite Lion Brand yarn?

A. My favorite LBY Yarn is Wool Ease Thick and Quick. I probably have more yarn than clothes, books, and even shoes at this point in life.

Q: What brought you to yarn?

A. I began crocheting when I was battling depression. My son was diagnosed with autism at age two. As soon as I began to feel better emotionally, the challenges knocked me back down. We didn’t make enough money to afford therapy or respite care. One day a stranger asked where I bought my crocheted beanie from. I hesitantly told her I made it. Before I know it I was making beanies, scarves and so much more. Crocheting saved my life many times over and now it is helping me support my son.

Q: Do you remember who taught you how to knit/crochet? Tell us a bit about how you learned.

A. I learned how to crochet with a book called “Crocheting for dummies.” I was trying to find something to hep with my anxiety and did not want to try medication.

Q: What is your favorite thing to make?

A. My favorite thing to make are hats and scarves. I donate any extra hats I have to the homeless. The scarves keep us warm but often help Roman with sensory input from the texture of the yarn and stitches. Sensory input helps children with autism calm down when they are going through meltdowns.

Q: Do you have a favorite stitch/pattern?

A. My favorite stitch is the bobble stitch. It looks really cool and can change the texture of  yarn when its doubled. It adds amazing details to cuffs or collars of sweaters.

Q: What’s the first project you finished?

The first project I finished was a scarf. It looked nothing Ike a rectangle, but my oldest son wore it anyway so he wouldn’t hurt my feelings. 

Q: Why are you a fan of Lion Brand products?

A. I am a fan of Lion Brand Yarn because it has amazing colors. I don’t have a lot of time to shop and it is available in Michaels, Joanne’s or I can even grab some from Walmart while I’m grocery shopping!

Q: Any other notable stories/experiences with yarn you’d like to share?

A. I recently wrote a grant to create sensory panels from yarn. Seeing how my crocheting helped Roman I wanted to donate panels to schools that can’t afford sensory equipment in our city. So many people don’t realize how this skill and art form does so much for so many. I don’t know where I would be without it. Through autism, divorce, and depression, my crocheting has been a constant. I am grateful for it!

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  • I love to make v stitch Afghan in any colors stash yarn you
    To make a or adult one ☝ too.

  • Wow. Well done Nikki Stokes. Such an interesting read and similar experiences to me. Knowing you’re not along helps you to keep on crafting!

  • Are you familiar with twiddle mitts?

  • Nikki, thanks for sharing your story! I am fascinated by the way that those crocheted pieces can help with the meltdowns of those who have autism. What a cool way to use your craft and talent. And kudos to you for finding an alternative way to combat your depression! God bless!

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  • I love your story, Nikki, and I’m impressed by your resourcefulness and courage. I’m also intrigued by your “sensory panels” made with crochet. I’d love to use my crochet skills for something like that!!

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