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My Life In Yarn: Corin Purifoy

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My Life In Yarn: Corin Purifoy

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Corin Purifoy from Milwaukee, WI, USA


Q. Favorite LBY Yarn:

Just one? Touch of Alpaca. It’s so lush and soft, it’s like touching a cloud!

Q. What brought you to yarn (knitting/crochet)?

I desperately needed something to do with my hands. I’m an anxious, fidgety person and needed to learn to put that energy into something productive and creative. Plus, I get something warm and cozy out of it.

Q. Do you remember who taught you how to knit/crochet?  Tell us a bit about how you learned.

I taught myself to knit using the internet, but I was lucky enough to have multiple crochet teachers. I learned while I was in the hospital, looking for something to fight off boredom and anxiety. Some other patients suggested crocheting. I told them I wasn’t “domestic” enough to do something like that, but lo and behold, 3 days later I was working on my first blanket!

Q. What is your favorite thing to make?

I love to make shawls and blankets – anything you can wrap around yourself like a hug!

Q. Do you have a favorite stitch/pattern?

Linen stitch, or anything involving back- and front-post double crochets in crochet; seed stitch in knitting. They’re all so simple and clean, but offer a lot of interest and texture.

Q. What’s the first project you finished?

The first thing I ever crocheted was a single-crochet striped multicolored blanket. I couldn’t get a hold of how to start a new row without adding or subtracting stitches, so the edges looked more like winding rivers than straight lines.

Q. Why are you a fan of LBY products?

There’s so many choices, and I can be sure that no matter what yarn, fiber or color I pick I’m going to get something high-quality and beautiful out of it.

Q. Any other notable stories/experiences with yarn you’d like to share!

After a few years of crocheting I decided to try my hand at designing and releasing my own patterns. Though I’ve only written a few, and some are more successful than others, they’re all highlights of my crocheting career. It’s amazing to see other people making something that began as little more than a spark in my head!

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  • Oh how I love your story. People engaged in positive and warm-hearted communication teaching skills to last a lifetime.

    Will Lion Brand please publish one of your popular patterns? Of course they will feature a Lion brand yarn.

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