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Project Knitwell: My Journey with Loss, Grief, & Knitting

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Project Knitwell: My Journey with Loss, Grief, & Knitting

Often times when tragedy enters our lives, it can feel very isolating. Sometimes we may think we are the only ones who may be experiencing terrible news, a recent diagnosis, or in my case a sudden death. Project Knitwell is an organization on a mission to help others experience the therapeutic benefits of knitting.


Sudden Loss & Grief

A few years ago, I received unexpected news that my father was hit and killed by a drunk driver. The news was shocking as he was only 43 years old. His sudden death ultimately allowed him to save the lives of four other people by becoming an organ and tissue donor. Although I had learned to knit through YouTube videos, it wasn’t until I received a comfort shawl by a local knitting group that I discovered the healing and therapeutic benefits of knitting. I was so deeply touched by the shawl because it felt like my dad was giving me a hug every time I wore it. Soon after receiving the shawl, I immediately picked up my needles and yarn. I wanted to do for others as what was done for me.


Project Knitwell: Wellness, Comfort, and Community

Project Knitwell is an organization that promotes knitting with purpose to promote and encourage wellness, comfort, and community. Founder Carol Caparosa created Project Knitwell after her experience of caring for her daughter while in the hospital of the pediatric unit. As Carol’s daughter spent days and nights in the hospital, recovering from multiple heart surgeries, Carol knew she needed something to clear her mind from worry and remain calm during a very stressful time.

Many knitters share a similar story to Carol and I. Turning to knitting after unexpected news has been proven to reduce stress, anxiety, and cope with life’s unexpected curve balls. Knitting for others can also help restore a sense of purpose and passion when all else feels as if it’s falling apart.


Give Back Tuesday: Ways You Can Help

Shop with Lion Brand this Give Back Tuesday, November 27th in support of Project Knitwell!

Whether you shop online or at our NY and NJ location, 10% of all sales on Tuesday will be donated to Project Knitwell. Donations will allow Project Knitwell to provide comfort and relief for those in the community with knitting supplies and lessons.

Get Started Today

Lion Brand has thousands of patterns you can choose from to get started on your next knitting project. Get started today by following Project Knitwell on social media! Comment below and tell us your story! We would love to hear how knitting has impacted your life!


“There is nothing more beautiful than someone who goes out of their way to make life beautiful for others.”
― Mandy Hale

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  • Wow! I’ve never heard of this organization before but it sounds amazing! Can’t wait to get my yarn I ordered today!

  • I have been knitting and crocheting since I was a kid. “Yarning”, as my grandchildren call it, has provided comfort and purpose through many ups and downs. A couple of years ago, after my dad had a devastating stroke, I was sitting in the hospital room with my mother. She commented about how cold the room was. I pulled a shawl out of my knitting bag that I had just finished and wrapped it around her, explaining that it was a traditional Irish pattern (her mother was born and raised in Ireland). She looked really surprised and asked if I had made it for her. Indeed I had!! Eight months after my dad passed away, Ma died. To lose both parents in such a short period of time was difficult to deal with, even though both were 92 years old. I wasn’t finished learning from either of them. This past April, 4 days after what would have been Pop’s 94th birthday, my oldest son and his wife had a baby girl, Chloe Mae. Her middle name was Ma’s middle name. Last month, my sister mailed a package to me. It was the shawl that I had made for Ma. In the package, she included a note that said the only person who should have that shawl is little Chloe. From one Mae to another.

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