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Design With Me – My First Blanket Design

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Design With Me – My First Blanket Design

Have you ever walked into a store and immediately fallen in love with something and thought to yourself, why should I spend money on this when I can make it? Well, that happened to me this past weekend and that’s what inspired this series!

Home Goods will forever be my weakness, it’s like Target for me, every time I walk in there – I’m walking out spending way more than I should have. Does anyone else have that same problem? Well, every time I’m in there I try to talk myself out of things because where can I store everything? Not my tiny apartment, that’s for sure! While I was browsing through the blankets, I saw this gorgeous dusty pink (my all time favorite color) knitted blanket with tassels. This thing was the softest, squishiest thing I have ever felt. I knew I needed to have that in my life, but not when I saw that $80 price tag – this girl is on a strict budget. So, I had some thinking to do.



On my way home, all I could think about was that blanket! I started thinking that of yarns that we have and immediately thought of Vel-Luxe. It’s super soft, gorgeous colors, and looks beautiful knit up! I decided this was the way to go – in dusty pink of course 😉 I think that a simple garter stitch blanket in Vel-Luxe will be STUNNING! Finish it off with some tassels, and it will be better than the one I saw in the store!

Now came the hard part, I’ve never designed anything before. I always let the pros do that job. They can do all the work and I’ll just follow along with the pattern! Of course, I searched through the Lion Brand website and Ravelry but couldn’t find something that was calling my name. That’s when I decided it’s time for me to design my own pattern!

The cozy aesthetic I’m trying to achieve with this blanket

Of course we couldn’t do this without having yarn! So, grab whatever yarn you have that you want to start designing a gorgeous garter stitch blanket in! Next time, we’re going to be doing swatches and beginning our designing!

I’m super excited to start designing my first ever blanket, and I’m even more excited to bring everyone along with me on this journey! If you are designers or have any designing tips, please let me know in the comments! I would also love to know what yarn you’re using for this!

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  • What a great idea – you are having a Design Along before your Knit Along. Excellent idea to help people design a simple item. A first ever DAL.

  • You’ve just inspired me. Great idea!

  • I know the feeling all too well! Can’t wait to see your creation! I don’t knit, I crochet…. will there be a crochet version too??? lol.. no pressure!!! I’m sure we’ll all enjoy the ‘knit’ ride..

  • Joining in on the fun! 🙂

  • I’m on my first ever knitted blanket and designing it myself too! I’m making it in double knitting wool and in sections of different colours and two very easy stitches AND it is reversible. I’m almost half way through and can’t wait to see ithe finished result. Hope it’s not rubbish after all the time it will have taken 🙂 Good luck with yours and can’t wait to see it 🙂 xx

  • How exciting for you! Of all the things you could design, blankets are one of the easiest. Think washcloth on a grander scale. A couple of quick measurements to see how big you want it, a gauge swatch to see which needle size gives you the fabric you like, some quick mental math, and you’re good to go! Enjoy the journey. I can’t wait t see what you come up with <3

  • Best of luck to you on your first design!!!! Hope I wll be fortunate enough to obtain your pattern!!!, !whether it is knit or crochet!!

    God Bless!!


  • I have the same weekness for Home Goods. I have to reign myself in to not even go into the parking lot and it is right across the street from my doctor’s office. Your blanket is super cute on your kitty. I wish mine would stay still long enough. Looking forward to you’re future designs. I’m a crocheter but have knitted without success. If I could only remember how to cast on…..

  • I have a Knit a Day calendar and a few books that are just stitch patterns, I use those to come up with a design for blankets and stuff. At the moment I’m in love with baby cables and I designed a shawl with cables and baby cables. It’s just lovely, but I don’t like that it’s one sided, as things with cables usually are. So now I’m making a blanket with Caron Perfect Match yarn that’s a rib/baby cable pattern that’s the same on both sides. I absolutely love it and can’t wait for it to be done.

    I’m excited to go with you on this blanket journey and I’m looking forward to any updates! <3

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