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Motif Afghan Crochet-Along: Get the CAL Badge

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Motif Afghan Crochet-Along: Get the CAL Badge

CAL badgeDo you have a blog, website, or Ravelry page? Let others know you’re in the Motif Afghan Crochet-Along with the official badge!

Simply right-click on the image (control+click for Mac users) and save it to your computer. Then upload it and share it on your website! Be sure to craft along with us here, on our Ravelry group, and on our Flickr group.

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  • I like #4. I am going to use Red, White and Blue since those are the colors I have.

  • Question: (approximately) how much yard will we need? I’d like to use up leftovers from a brightly colored Easter bunny to make a matching blankie for my grandson.

    I vote for #2 just because its fall!

    Edie says: Hi — check out some of the earlier comments where I talked about yarn amounts.

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  • Some time ago i saw a lady doing an afghan just like this one. Instead of piceing the pices together (which i hate the most) she was crocheting the pices together as she crochet them. Any suggestion on how do this. I would think it would save time (which i do not have much of lately).

    Zontee says: Hi Karen, as Edie mentions in her current post, she will discuss this next week.

  • I am going to follow along with this project, but I cannot facebook, twitter or any of that. I did get to face book once, but cannot remember my password, and it is just full of too much infor. I will follow along silently and hope for the best. I love the new start for the squares and I am excited about the join as you go.

    Edie says: I’ll be posting everything you need right here. Just be sure to read the comments from others, as I respond to questions under the comments.

  • hmmmmmm ! I haven’t decided on a colourway yet…I have about 6 sample motifs. I scrapped my original idea due to lack of one colour. I have a huge stash, but very little plum. I tried one with a variated yarn and 2 other colours…it is nice but, Now I am thinking of graduating colours, then joining with a dark yarn to get a stained glass effect. I have done motifs in 3 colours of pink to red, baby blue to sapphire, pale yellow to tan, and mint green to hunter. I am going to take your advice and try to determine the best layout, probably starting with the lightest colours and working out in a circular design to the darkest. Any suggestions? anyone?

    Edie says: Oooo, the graduated colorway sounds lovely!

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