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mother's day

  • Make For Mother's Day

    There aren’t many people more appreciative of handmade gifts than Mom. From your first macaroni necklace, she's always loved the things you've made. (Well, maybe not *all* the things you made like that mess in your bedroom.)

    With all the support Mom gives you, you'll be on the lookout for that perfect thing you can craft for her and we're here to help. Let the pattern suggestions below guide you toward the perfect handmade item to make for Mother's Day. The selected options are ideas you can make with limited time. You can also explore the "Browse More" to see other patterns in that theme.

    Felted Soap Cozies

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  • Spring Gifts for Any Occasion

    Spring is upon us, and with it comes several gift-giving occasions. Weddings, graduations, Mothers Day, new babies, holidays, and many others all mean possibilities for creativity and showing your love with something handmade.

    Knitting and crocheting for spring means lightweight yarns, airy stitches, and lovely colors. You aren't limited to pastels, of course. Brights and rich neutrals also have their place in the warming weather.

    Stuffed toys, like the ones shown above, are great gifts for children, whether it's given to them at birth, for a First Communion, for a spring birthday, or for a holiday like Easter. The classic Floppy Bunny pattern from 1DogWoof is a soft and comforting toy when made in Homespun® Thick & Quick® or a smaller decoration when made in a lighter yarn like Vanna's Choice®. Sewrella's Amigurumi Lamb Toy would make a great addition to an Easter basket.

    Spring Holiday Crafts

    There are several holidays in spring, and even though they may not have the same gift-giving expectations as some others, you may still want to make something to celebrate. St. Patrick's Day, Passover, and Easter are all coming up soon, so it's time to get started!

    St. Paddy's is next week, but there's still time to make a quick little mug cozy. Made in Kitchen Cotton, this cute accessory is washable and comfy to hold.

    What would a holiday be without food? This matzoh holder will make a great addition to your table at Passover.

    Easter gives you lots of reasons to make things! If you're a crocheter, we've got some options to make baskets for your family. If you knit, the Bunny Balloon Animal is an adorable toy to give or use as decoration. If you want to get your kids involved in the crafting process, the Funny Bunnies only require some DIYarn and pom pom makers. Do it alongside egg dyeing, or instead of it for a less messy option.

    Bags and Accessories

    Spring means a lot of great reasons to use a nice tote bag. Farmers markets, yard sales, and just wanting to walk to and from the store more means everyone needs something durable and cute to carry their purchases. Cute but versatile accessories are also important to have. With the in-between weather, it can go from hot to cold at the drop of a hat, so gifts like shawls or lightweight hats are super useful.


    Decor and Blankets

    Spring is wedding season, and a nice gift for the happy couple's home is always welcome. Instead of something expected like an appliance, try making something personal that they'll treasure for years to come. These are also great gifts for graduations, housewarmings, new babies, or anything you want! Anyone would appreciate a handmade home item created with love.

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  • Planning on Crocheting or Knitting for Mother's Day?

    by Tamara Kelly of Moogly
    Planning on Crocheting or Knitting for Mother's Day?
    Whether you have kids, or you were a kid once (which is, well, everybody!), you probably remember those classroom art projects for Mother's Day. Clay, macaroni, paint, and maybe even a bit of yarn all combined to make something that was full of love, if not raw artistic talent. I have a whole collection of interesting clay items and glued together poems from my own three kids, and as they get older and the handmade presents dwindle, it makes me a little sad to be honest.

    My own mother, who had 6 children, has a very impressive collection on her dresser top of tchotchkes and doodads, drawings and trinkets. The first thing I remember making for her was a small wooden heart, which my grandfather helped me whittle. She loved the heart - or at least pretended to - but was appalled that he let me loose with a pocket knife at only 4 years old! Thankfully, no harm done - and last I looked, she still had the heart.

    Now that I'm a mother myself, I know just how special those handmade items are! And while not every mother is the kind that enjoys crafted gifts, we knitters and crocheters are fortunate enough to have the skills to continue creating for our moms, when we are lucky enough to still have them to craft for.

    Of course, when we were kids, the crafts were more often than not teacher directed - I don't know any kid that would come up with the idea of printing out a slightly sappy poem and gluing it next to their hand print on a piece of construction paper. Now, as adults, it's time to step back and think about what mom would really like and appreciate - not what we just happen to want to crochet or knit for her!

    So before you pick a pattern and yarn, be sure to consider these 3 factors!

    1. Color
    Does your mom like brights? Pastels? Jewel tones? Animal prints? Does she have neutrals around the house but always wear a pop of color? Take into account whether it's a wearable accessory or a home decor item - her favorite color might be green, but if she never wears it, use that emerald yarn to make a blanket or throw pillow.

    2. Style
    Is mom's style sleek and modern, fun and funky, or classic and traditional? More pineapple doily, or colorblocked cowl? Triangle shawl, or rectangle wrap - or bikini top with motorcycle leathers? You know crochet and knit patterns are out there to suit every taste with a little searching!

    3. Climate
    There are gorgeous crocheted and knitted afghans out there to suit any taste and style, but if mom has retired to a tropical climate, they aren't the best pick! If it's always cloudy and rainy in her locale, then a floppy yarn sunhat won't get much use.

    Beyond these factors of course, hobbies and lifestyle can affect your choices as well. If she hates cooking, a set of crocheted dishcloths won't suddenly inspire her to take up baking. If she collects goat figurines, look for a goat basket pattern (I happen to know where you can find one of those...). If she is traveling the country year-round in an RV, make sure any gift is both practical and small enough to fit in relatively cramped quarters!

    So don't just follow the teacher's instructions - put some thought into it! Moms are notoriously difficult to come up with gifts for - especially when they like to answer "Oh nothing, dear" to requests for ideas. And for inspiration, there are literally thousands of free patterns here in the Lion Brand Pattern Finder, as well as elsewhere around the web.

    And if she's a crochet or knitter herself... well, you can always order her some gorgeous luxury yarn from the LB Collection and call it a day!

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