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More Famous Men Knitting: Cary Grant

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More Famous Men Knitting: Cary Grant

After posting the wonderful picture of FDR knitting I have been on the hunt to find more pictures of other famous men knitting. I find it very inspiring to see men knitting and crocheting because unfortunately it isn’t something you see very often. During my research I came across another great picture of one of the great actors of all time, Cary Grant, knitting. This photograph was taken during the filming of the movie Mr. Lucky. I love how this picture illustrates his intensity for the craft. I hope you all enjoy this one as much as the last one.

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  • Anne

    Please keep the famous men knitting going! I love this. And I think we’ll all find there’s more out there than we think!

  • Wasn’t there a famous pro football player who knitted? ……maybe his first name was “Rosie”

  • Michelle

    Rosie Greer was an NFL player in the 70’s, not sure of the team maybe the Steelers, and he did some sort of needlework. I can’t remember what type but that he did it to relax. I have always thought it was neat.

  • Judy Olson

    Football player, Rosie Greer was a cross stitcher & also did needle point.

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  • Pat Perkins

    I used to do a lot of needlepoint in the 70’s. My dad was housebound, and watched a lot of football on tv. I told him about Rosey Greer and his needlepoint. My dad was an engineer, and he did beautiful work. He was as proud of the back of the work as the front. He did several pieces for me, my favorite is a matador and bull, about poster size. He lived in Mississippi, I lived in Pennsylvania. He would call me to send another project when he was nearing the end of his current one. What precious memories!

  • Amber Haenisch

    Did James Arness, from “Gunsmoke” crochet?
    Thanks,Amber Haenisch

  • Chrispollock3604

    I took up knitting as a way of personalizing gifts for the Holidays. I’ve made several stockings that actually look like stockings… Who says that men can’t knit?

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