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Moderne Jacket Crochet-Along: Get the CAL Badge

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  • Sally Penning

    I sure would like a knitted version of this sweater!

  • Dola Wheeler

    HELP!!!!!!!! I have crocheted for years but this is my first garment. I am having a problem with getting the gauge right. The size M needle is two large and the L is to small. What should I do hold the tension tighter? I love the pattern and really look forward to wearing something that I made myself. Thanks, Dola

    <em>Heather says: "Hi, Dola: Make sure you do a large enough swatch to see if either of those hooks will come close. Then you may have to make the jacket a size up or down depending on your gauge. Trying to hold the yarn tighter usually is tricky, because I find you can go back to your normal tension in the piece later on. Oh, and you may want to block your swatches as well to see if either of those hooks will work the correct gauge. Hope this helps you!"</em>