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Michelle Edwards Shares Tips to Help You Get The Most Out of Your Project

In a recent essay in our newsletter, The Weekly Stitch,  Michelle Edwards, author of A Knitter's Home Companion, discusses project sustainability. Michelle writes,

"Sustainability is about working a project from the first to last stitch, sewing it up, and weaving in loose ends. Blocking it, if needed."

Her essay discusses the importance of managing your projects, and considering the different factors that help you decide what the purpose of your project is (who is it for, time allotment, yarn needed, etc).

For example, when you see that luxurious, super soft, richly colored skein of yarn, ask yourself: Do you just have to have it? Can it work into a project you have in mind?

Michelle shares her tips with us to help become more efficient yarncrafters. Maybe after you read her story you'll start tackling some of those WIPs (Work In Progess) that are laying around in storage!

Click here to read Sustainability by Michelle Edwards.

What do you do to ensure that your project is sustainable? Share some of your tips and thoughts with us int he comments.

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  • Carolee

    Good food for thought. I have been needing to straighten up my stash and go throuth all my bags with WIPs ( I have ALOT!!)  . I used to think it was a sin to rip out a project and make something else, not any more. I will reread this and tackel my room this weekend. I guess there was a reason I was stalling ! ? !

  • Denise Marie

    I'm a product-driven knitter, so I don't have usually have UFOs. (Well, okay, a few…but that is usually a sign that I've made a poor decision somewhere and I end up ripping and re-purposing the yarn.) Having three or four projects going at a time helps stave off boredom and means that I have the right project to work on when I need it: small/portable, easy/relaxing, or challenging/exciting. It is usedto be difficult to make that second sock, though. To get around that problem, after I finish the first I put it on and cast on the second, working a couple of rounds--can't take it off or do anything else till number two is on the needles.

  • L.

    I'd rather throw caution to the wind.  A girl's reach should exceed her stash, or what's a yarn store for? (thanks Robert Browning)

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