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Mesh Raglan Pullover Crochet-Along: Finishing Details

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Mesh Raglan Pullover Crochet-Along: Finishing Details

Welcome back to the Mesh Raglan Pullover CAL and the final step in our sweater crochet-along! Today I’m going to talk about putting the finishing touches on your pullover so you can wear it proudly and show off all of your hard work.

For starters, the pattern indicates to work a trim on the bottom of the body and the neckline using the same (sc, ch 3, dc) as used around the sleeve edges. This cluster is worked in every other ch-1 space, and although it may seem strange to stretch over the skipped space, the height of the double crochet will reach to the next space, resulting in the scalloped edging. If you like the way it looks as is feel free to leave the edging off, but just keep in mind that not only does the edging add a design element, it also gives the finished edge a little more stability, which is particularly nice at the neckline.

Once your edging is complete and your ends are woven in (everyone’s favorite part, I know), it’s time to talk about blocking! Blocking gives your sweater a polished look and gives you the opportunity to shape the sweater into a finished shape. There are many methods for blocking, but for this sweater in particular I chose to pin it in place first and then wet block it with a spray bottle.


Although I generally prefer a soaking method for wet blocking, it’s very hot and humid in New York City right now and I was afraid it would never dry! Using a spray bottle to wet the sweater still results in a good blocking, but can dry faster because it has less water saturation. I pinned my sweater in place to the measurements I wanted it to be, stretching it just slightly to open up the mesh pattern, then dampened it with a spray bottle and left it alone to dry.

The final finishing touch is to make the ties! I know I mentioned in an earlier post that I made my neck tie ahead of time for a more accurate idea of how the finished sweater would fit, but now that I’m finishing this garment I’ve decided to re-do my neck tie. While the long chain is perfectly useful, I felt that a slightly more substantial tie would be a nice addition.

To create my ties, I made a chain as long as I wanted for the neck tie, but instead of leaving it as a chain I worked back into it with single crochets (you could also use slip stitches), resulting in a thicker tie. I repeated this for my second tie as well. Some of you have also mentioned using ribbon or a contrasting color of yarn, both of which are great ideas!

Tie placement is another area where you can customize your pullover. The pattern indicates to place a tie at the neckline as well as at the bottom of the body, but you can also take into consideration where you want to shape the body of the sweater. I am placing the first tie at the neckline as instructed because I love the look of the slight gather at the top and how it adds structure to the top of the garment. For my personal style, however, I’m going to use the second tie to create more of an empire waist by weaving it through the stitches of the body below the bust line.

Finished Sweater

The beauty of this sweater is that the body section does not have shaping built in, so you can use the tie to create it wherever you find it works for you. Maybe you’ll want it closer to your natural waist or at the bottom as indicated in the pattern. Better yet, you can change the placement of the tie each time you wear it depending on the look you want. The beauty of a tie creating the shaping is that it can be modified again and again! As you can see, I’m wearing my sweater over a tank top, as many of you have discussed doing as well, but keep in mind that by changing what you use under it you can also change the look each time you wear it. Such a versatile pullover!

Now put on your pullover and admire all of your hard work! Thanks for working through this pullover with me, sharing your experiences, posting your photos, and helping each other along the way. Please continue to share photos of your finished sweaters so we can all share in your pride!

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  • Kendra, it looks so good!  I love the idea of making an empire waist.  Did you just weave the ends of the tie for the waist through the mesh or tie it form the inside?

    • Kendra wove the tie through the mesh, but you could just wrap it around the outside of the pullover if you wanted to. You could even weave the tie through the front of your sweater and leave it unwoven in the back like a dress tie. The ties are super versatile!

  • Here is me in my finished sweater that I actually wore last weekend to the knit and crochet show in Minneapolis. I learned how to make the bracelet at the show.

    • Wonderful job, Jean! I like the swingy fit of your sweater. Did you use Recycled Cotton? I’m going to be doing a blog post on Thursday of finished sweaters, and I’d love to include your photo (with your permission and credit, of course).

      • Yes, I used the recycled cotton. In this picture, it looks like one side is longer than the other but it is not.  Go ahead and use it.

        • Thanks, Jean! Look for the blog post here on Thursday.

        • Thanks, Jean! Look for the blog post here on Thursday.

    • Very nice!

  •   WOW did I miss out. I didnt vote or make this I didnt like it on the model. But I followed the CAL and its SOO cute. All the photos with the fun colors it really looks much better that I thought. The Ideas about the ties empire, awsome very flattering and verisatile for what ever look your going for. Dress it up or down. We have a trip coming up, two eight hr drives think I’ll get one together for that. I am going to keep checking in I want to see all the other finished ones!!!  

  • OK, I finished my sweater this morning. I decided top go with the yarn chain and went back in with sc’s. I know I went back and forth about this but I LOVE my raglan pullover ! I still think I should have made the small but I spent so much time on this and it is really cute that I can’t even think of giving it away. When time allows I am going to do this one again in the small using cotton ease.

    I just wanted to share some of the most important things I learned doing this CAL.

    1) Always buy 1 extra skein than called for. (for making swatches, correcting potential mistakes or adding accessories. I’m thinking a cabbage rose for my headband.)

    2) Always make a swatch! Measure stitches and rows before AND after washing. Before, so that I can check my guage as I go and After, for the correct pattern guage of finished the garment.

    3) Mark the RS with a proper marker. The wine charm worked this time but a proper marker is best.

    I had a lot of fun on this CAL and will certainly do another in the future. Picture attached. 

    • Great job, Janice! I’m doing a round-up blog post of finished sweaters on here Thursday. May I include your photo (with credit, of course)?

      • Sure thing Jess. Thanks bunches!

        • Thanks, Janice! Look for the post here on Thursday. Did you use Recycled Cotton?

          • Yes, I did use the recycled in Marine. Looking forward to the next CAL. 

    • Looks great!

  • Love the idea of moving the tie to change the look, I’m looking forward to finishing mine up so I can wear it! Thanks to everyone who shared a picture, they all look great, I’m a little behind so mine isn’t done yet, but hopefully I’ll finish in the next week or so.

  • I really enjoyed this project. I used recycled cotton(sand)
    which I ordered online. I ordered 3 skeins and did run out.
    I ended up using the yarn from the swatch to finish up.

    I wore it twice and decided I wanted to add a few more rows
    so I can wear with leggings and I wanted to add the trim to the bottom.
    I went to my local store a purchased a cotton yarn with a similar color
    to finish it up and make the ties.

    You can use this pix for your round-up blog. I forwaard another one
    when i wear the longer one……..Abbe in NJ

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  • Kendra you look sooo cute!!!

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