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Mesh Raglan Pullover Crochet-Along: Adding the Sleeves

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Mesh Raglan Pullover Crochet-Along: Adding the Sleeves

Welcome back to the Mesh Raglan Pullover CAL! Hopefully working on the body of your pullover has gone well and you were able to make it the length you want by being able to try it on as you go! Gotta love top-down sweaters, right? This pullover is almost done! Today I’m going to talk to you all about sleeves – then next week it’s on to the finishing touches and this sweater will be complete!

For the sleeves, you are going back to the marked double crochet and chains that you used to create the body only this time you are working the stitches into the armhole opening. As with the body, be sure to read the notes and pay particular attention to whether you should start on the right or wrong side for your size. The other very important note is that you working the first few stitches into the chains you skipped over while making the body. Otherwise working the sleeves around is just like a smaller version of the body, working dc, ch-1 in each dc around.

The chain between the stitch markers has the single sleeve dc between the two dc of the body from before (for the size M with a chain of 3 at the underarms)

A lot of you asked early on about making the sleeves longer. Just as with the body, this is very easy to do! At the simplest, just continue to work more rounds until the sleeves are the length you want, trying it on as you go to see how the fit is coming. As another option, work as above but decrease the number of stitches every 2-3 rounds to shape the sleeve a little smaller as you work towards your elbow.

To work a decrease in this mesh stitch I would recommend working one decrease at the point of the sleeve on the underside of your arm by working your turning chain of 4, then skip the next dc that you would normally work into and instead work your first dc in next dc.

Note the skipped dc below the turning chain. While it does leave a larger hole in the mesh stitch pattern, it is not as noticeable when placed on the underside of the sleeve.

You can also work the decreases at any other point in the sleeve as follows, but keep in mind it will leave a larger space wherever placed:

  1. Work up to where you want to work the decrease.
  2. Work your regular dc, ch-1, only skip the next dc and ch-1 space,
  3. Work the next dc in the following dc, ch-1 and continue in pattern as normal.

What this accomplishes is a decrease of a dc and a ch-1 space without an interruption in the pattern. This will tuck the sleeve in a bit on the underside of the arm and will help the sleeve from staying very open. It’s a great option to decrease slightly even if you don’t lengthen the sleeves as it will help bring the sleeve in a bit if your yoke turned out a little loose. If you choose to decrease, be sure to decrease an even number of times so the edging works out evenly.

Lastly for the sleeve is a trim round where you are working in a completely different pattern than the mesh stitch used so far. Instead you are focusing on working stitches into the ch-1 spaces we have been skipping and not working into the dc stitches at all. Otherwise it’s a nice (sc, ch 3, dc) in every other ch-1 space to make a nice lacy trim.

So get to work on your sleeves and next week it’s all about finishing up this great pullover! Keep sharing your comments and photos of your progress!

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  • I have finally gotten busy and caught up with you guys!  I am now on round 2 of the body, so I guess I have ALMOST caught up.  I’m using an I hook throughout and Red Heart Eco-Cotton in Currant (but I will use Lion Brand next time I promise!).  I feel nervous but my size seems to be tracking right along correctly.  Rather than trying it along, I am just laying it over another top that fits me well.  What are your thoughts about what would you will wear underneath?  Will you layer it over another top?  Who is brave enough to just wear it over a bra?!  I haven’t decided yet.

    • I’m thinking I’ll wear mine over a tank top.

    • A tank top or a camisole. Another option could be one of those sport bras …

    • Definitely over a tank or cami

    • I personally wouldn’t wear it over just a bra, but it would be nice over a bathing suit at the beach – quite acceptable there.  Besides the suggestions already made of a tank and/or camisole, I will likely wear mine over a sleeveless dresses – esp cotton or t-material

    • Looking great!

  • I’m thinking to wear a long sleeve white cotton tee under mine. I think it will look cute. How about you? I definitely am going to layer it though LOL!

  • I’m loving the way this has turned out so far.  I think when I make a second one, I’ll had more increases on the second half of the body to give it a more drapey feel to it. The sleeve part with the chain still has me confused, but hopefully I’ll figure it out next time.

  • I’m loving the way this has turned out so far.  I think when I make a second one, I’ll had more increases on the second half of the body to give it a more drapey feel to it.  The sleeve part with the chain still has me confused, but hopefully I’ll figure it out next time.

    • Hey, that looks GREAT!

    • Very nice!

  • I am stuck.  I put this project away for a while and now that I am back, I am lost.  I ended at the end of the 4th round of the yoke.  Now when I am trying to continue at the end of the round, it says to “sl st in 3rd ch of turning ch”. My mind is still on my other project I just finished and I can’t get past the turning chain.  I thought we were doing rounds not turning.  Help.

    • This pattern is worked in what are called joined rounds, meaning they start with a turning chain and turn, then end with a slip stitch in the turning chain to join. Working in rounds does not necessarily mean in spirals. Refer to the earlier post about underarm chains and working the body for a picture guide of how the end and start each round. Hope this helps!

    • At the beginning of the project, a few people mentioned that they skipped the whole turning & slip stitch thing and just kept going in spirals, adding the increases to the yoke as directed, then continued the body the same way. Check the comments on the first or second CAL blog entry. They say it works fine to do it that way and you don’t have to turn or figure out which is the right side. I plan to try that next time.  HOWEVER, if you’ve already done 4 rows with the turn, it might look slightly off to change now. The first 4 rows would have a right side and a wrong side, and the rest would not.

      • I did skip the turning, and worked in the round.  However, I did not spiral.  I did the join at the end of the row and the ch4 to start the next row.  Not sure how the spirally would look on a garment, probably would look lop-sided.   Just a thought.  I do recommend working in the round though.  It has a nice look.

  • I’m only 5ft tall and I’m not finding this top very flattering on my frame. I stopped at 16 rows because 22 would have been way too much for me. I’m not sure if going with the J hook was a mistake or if I should have made the small instead of the medium…I have many projects lined up after this and I am not sure I’d even wear this top even if it was the smaller size since it’s not really my style. I AM, however, learning a lot about crocheting garments so I am very glad I am participating in this CAL. I’ll start my sleeves this weekend.

  • I am not seeing the dc stitch after the chain 3 in the trim above.  Mine looks different.  Also I decided to do a shirttail  instead of straight with tie at waist.  Made shirttails 7 rows longer, divided for front and back.

  • Yeah, I’m done, just in the nick of time as I wanted to wear this tonight to a family reunion!!  I made the sleeves 2 rounds longer and the body 4 rounds longer.  Really liked the Recycled Cotton and may try Cotton Ease next time, and there will be a next time.  Plan on wearing with a cami or tank top now and perhaps long sleeve tee in fall.

    • Looks great!

  • Okay, just figured out how to attach photo, here it is.

  • I finished!  Pretty sure I didn’t do the underarm chain right when I added the sleeves – skipped the underarm chains when doing the sleeves instead of the body.  Doing this project gives me more confidence in crocheting other sweaters.  Looking forward to getting info on blocking.

    • Very nice!

  • I *think* I did the underarm chains right, and am continuing on the body. Other than that, it’s been a really easy pattern to follow, I’m looking forward to crocheting new garments, and have already bookmarked some patterns on Lion Brand to try

    • So nice to hear! Glad it was a good experience for you 🙂

  • Liked this pattern lot.  Will probably make another.  I decreased the sleeves to make them closer to the body.  I also adjusted the length.  All and al I had a great time crocheting the sweater.  I learned a lot about adjustments.  Thanks for the experience.  Marianne

    • Glad you enjoyed it! Looks great!

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