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Meeting Moogly, Lily Chin and You. . . and Hosting A Game Show At The Knit & Crochet Show

I just returned from the 2015 Knit & Crochet Show in San Diego where Lion Brand Yarn sponsored a lounge area. Knitters and crocheters could rest and chat in the lounge, and I filmed interviews for my Tea With Shira web series.  It was a fun, heartwarming and inspiring three days where I got to meet a lot of my new online friends from all over the world.  We also asked some attendees to participate in a hilarious game show, which you can see at the bottom of this post.

We showed our newest yarns and showcased our exclusive LB Collection® Yarn made up of  Baby Alpaca, Silk, Superwash Merino and Cashmere to mention a few.

lb_co 486SkeinArt 492SkeinArt
 LB Collection® Baby Alpaca (top) and Cashmere (bottom) LB Collection® Superwash Merino LB Collection® Silk

I know as a knitter/crocheter myself, I need to touch and feel yarns before I buy, so this was a perfect opportunity for people to get a taste of yarns that they might not see anywhere else.

I interviewed blogger Tamara Kelly, also known as "Moogly" and discovered the secret behind that wacky name.  I interviewed longtime friend, Lily Chin -- best known to you as the world's faster crocheter, but near and dear to my heart as the person who taught me how to tie my shoes when I was 5 years old. I also sat down with Margaret Hubert, who is so talented, and we shared a heartfelt moment on camera. Look for these interviews in weeks to come!

I also loved seeing people’s creativity, and that they're using Lion Brand Yarn!

susanandshawl twskc
Love the crochet creativity! Susan, part of the Crocheters of the Lakes Chapter and her shawl (the blue is Vanna's Glamour®!) Loved this sign!

On our last day, we ventured onto the Marketplace floor for a little trivia game. Winners got skeins from our LB Collection® and our new yarn Scarfie (who doesn’t love free yarn!?) Check it out in the video below!

:: Can't see the video above? Click here to watch: https://youtu.be/GFiuOogJIBk ::

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