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Martha’s Here!

As you may know, Lion Brand has partnered with Martha Stewart Crafts™ to create a new line of yarn in 8 different styles.  The Lion Brand Martha Stewart Crafts™ line features more classic yarns such as the Extra Soft Wool Blend and Roving Wool, as well as novelty yarns like Mambo, Glitter Eyelash and Cotton Hemp.  There’s a yarn to suit every yarn crafter’s need!

Martha Stewart is featured on the cover of the current issue of Vogue Knitting (Holiday 2011). In the accompanying article, she speaks on the process of partnering with Lion Brand, sharing some of her inspirations and a few tips for every yarn crafter (i.e: It’s not safe to leave your yarn projects around because “dogs can unravel a lot of work in a very short period of time”; sounds like a bad experience!).  And, to set the record straight–Martha can crochet too, but she prefers knitting; knitting on straight needles, that is.  No circulars for Martha.

After designing practically every kind of crafting kit from paints, to art supplies, to stamps and recipes, Martha and her team realized how essential yarn can be to craft projects and fashion items.  She chose us because, in her own words, “we get the expertise of really, really good producers like Lion Brand, which is a very astute brand.  They know their stuff and they’re nice people.”  Thanks Martha!

Martha also experiences yarn addiction like many of you do; unfortunately, we all can’t store crafting supplies on the “craft floor” of our home (which was her attic, redesigned).  She even still has yarn from high school! Are you fellow Lion Brand crafters the same way?  If you’re interested in hearing more about Martha’s passion for knitting, check out her interview in Vogue Knitting, on sale now.

*You can get a free issue of this Vogue Knitting when you purchase 3 balls of any Martha Stewart Crafts Yarn.  Just enter the code ‘marthaVK’ into the ‘Coupon/Special Offer Code’ box on the ‘Billing and Payment Information’.

Glitter Eyelash
Glitter Eyelash

Extra Soft Wool Blend

Cotton Hemp
Cotton Hemp
Lofty Wool Blend
Lofty Wool Blend

Alpaca Blend

Roving Wool


Explore the possibilities of the Lion Brand Martha Stewart Crafts™ yarn projects here.

Which new yarn are you most interested in trying or experimenting? How about Mambo, who’s crafty enough to take on that one?

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  • I would love to try Mambo.  I’m not sure what I would do with it but it would be interesting.

  •   I like the idea of the trivits with Mambo. might also make good dog toys. something you can tug on and it would not shred in his teeth. ( dont be mad martha ) pups like yarn to

  • I just looked through the patterns for these new yarns.  I like many of them; however, why do you find it necessary to post multiple copies of the same pattern where the only difference is the color of the yarn being used.  And even worse, why not post all color possibilities together, rather than having some spread through the list of patterns.  Lion Brand customers are smart enough to know that if the pattern can be made with one color, it can also be made with other colors of the same yarn. 

    I spent time also looking at the yarn pages, and several look like thye would be fun to work with.  Will these yarns be available in our local stores, or will we have to purchase online or at the Lion Brand Studio in NYC.  I am disappointed in the price points for some of these yarns.  Lion Brand to me has always stood for great yarns at affordable prices.  Some of these yarns are overpriced, considering similar yarns from Lion Brand.  Also, it appears you discontinued certain Lion Brand yarns to relaunch them as Martha Stewart Craft Yarns at higher prices.  This is not good for your customers.  And what is not good for the customers, will not be good for Lion Brand in the long run.

  • Hi Knittingnana, we post multiple copies for some of the patterns in different colors because the visuals do help some of our customers.  It helps some to see how a project would work up in a different color. 
    Mambo, Extra Soft Wool Blend and Glitter Eyelash are the current most distributed yarns and are available at local Jo-Ann and Michaels.  Also, we discontinue yarns based on popularity.  Fortunately, with a yarn like Glitter Eyelash, we were able to have it better produced and available in a versatile color palette. We still have our own new line of yarns such as Jamie, Silky Twist and Luxe Fur that are more affordable and still at a good quality.  Even more new yarns are on the way!

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