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Color of the Year for March: Succulent

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Color of the Year for March: Succulent

Succulent hails the first shoots of spring. It honors all things beginning to bloom! If you’re following our Colors of the Year trend-casting, you know this month marks a departure from softer winter tones. Our March hue welcomes warmer weather and new growth with a bold green tone that leaves no doubt as to what’s to come. It’s verdant, sustainable, and suggests the ‘coming to fruition’ of winter’s hibernation. Read on for the full list of Lion Brand yarns that express Succulent best, and styling suggestions for planting this color in your closet.

March: Succulent


Our Zooey Raglan Pullover (Knit) & Fern Forest Hat (Knit)


We were drawn to this green, which is inspired by everybody’s favorite potted plants! There’s hardly a lifestyle photo on Pinterest or Instagram these days without an adorable succulent in frame. With so many shapes & sizes, there’s a perfect plant for every room. Many credit millennials with the rise of these hardy cacti – living in close quarters, moving more often than previous generations, young people crave greenery that can withstand challenges. And since younger generations are increasingly eco-conscious, plants that require little water aligns with environmentally friendly principles. As we spend more time logged into our devices, a succulent is a beautiful little reminder to take a moment for nature.

Key Words: Mindful, Natural, Transitional


Fern Forest Hat (Knit)

Perfectly Timed

Even though Pantone hailed ‘Greenery’ as their color of the year in 2017, greens have long been considered neutrals when it comes to home decor & fashion. Our Succulent is a softer green, with a hint of blue grey. It’s subtle, but it’s a marked shift from the somber winter greys & blacks. It sits well in our palette for the year, and is perfectly timed for March. This is the month that marks the thaw, one day it’s freezing, and the next? Spring.

Pick Your Succulents


Succulent: Patterns

Zooey Raglan Pullover (Knit)

The Zooey Raglan Pullover (Knit) works up in Succulent shades of New Basic 175 and Vanna’s Choice.

Fern Forest Hat (Knit)

The Fern Forest Hat (Knit) is a quick fun knit, to show you are on trend without a big investment of crafting time. A great project if you want to nod to this month’s hue, but prefer a pop of color! 2 skeins of Hometown USA & you’re on your way.

Eyelet Top (Knit)

Our Eyelet Top (Knit) is a timeless top in 24/7 Cotton. It’s the perfect layering piece: wear it now over a turtleneck and all spring & summer with a camisole and flirty skirt. We love the stitch definition!

Succulent: Kits

Wraps to Crochet

The Rebozo Wrap Kit is a lovely crochet kit by Two of Wands. It works up in three colors of Heartland, and looks intricate for being a Level 2 – Easy (Beginner+) pattern. The Smoky Mountains Triangle Wrap Kit is another crochet in Heartland, by Mama in a Stitch. We love her weekend style!

Cardigan Kits

Any of these four gorgeous spring cardigans would make a lovely transition piece for the changing weather. The Laikini Cardigan Kit (Crochet) in 24/7 Cotton has an open weave that will feel glorious in warmer weather.The Habitat Cardigan Kit (Crochet) in Heartland will have you feeling cozy without too much bulk, perfect for early spring. The Harold Cardigan Kit (Crochet), another Two of Wands creation, works up in Jeans. The Campfire Cardigan Kit (Crochet) is a New Basic 175 pattern, with an adorable hood!

Perfect Ponchos

The Piero Poncho Kit (Knit) and Alsace Poncho Kit (Crochet) are stylish for not-quite-spring weather. Wear over short-sleeves on a warmer day, and over long-sleeves if there’s still a little chill in the air.

Succulent Blankets

If you’re looking for decor options to compliment a space without overpowering it, take a look at these lovely blankets. The Ombre Ripple Blanket Kit (Crochet) by Rescued Paw Designs works up in a bevy of lovely Vanna’s Choice colors. And our Dream Puffs Afghan Kit (Crochet) is more of a true-Succulent hue,  a cozy Scarfie dream.

Mommy & Me Matching Sets


Landon Mother & Daughter Slouch Hat and Scarf (Crochet)

Such a fun joint-crafting venture, or a perfect gift for two! The Landon Mother & Daughter Slouch Hat and Scarf Crochet Kit would be fun to make or give, whichever you choose.

A Design Team Tip

“As with all the colors in our 12 Colors of the Year: there is no one color that defines Succulent. Some greens have undertones of yellow, while others have more blue. Choose the shade that compliments your complexion or add a stripe or two of tonal shades at the cuff or hemline for an on-trend zip of color.”

Written with Adina Klein, Creative Director at Lion Brand.

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  • Hey Team,

    Where is the pattern for the very first sweater shown in the video clip for March? I can’t find it anywhere on your site and it’s driving me nuts. I WANT! (It’s like a short sleeved tshirt.)

    Jenny G.

    • Hi, Jenny! Let me investigate – it might be new & still being finalized, to make sure it’s perfect to use. 🙂

  • I’m also looking for the very first garment in the March video!!! I love the colors. I need and want!!!

    Joyce R.

    • Hi, Joyce – let me investigate! It might be that it’s new & still being finalized, before it’ll be added to the website. 🙂

  • Just add me to the list of people looking for that first pattern! Looks like a side to side, knitted tee. I really want to make it.

  • Me too! I want it bad!

  • Yes, me too—the short sleeved with an asymmetrical vertical stripe,

  • sweater with several shades of yarn in your video , when will it be available ?

  • I’m looking for it too. Also it would be nice to have the info on this page on your landing page for the email announcing these colors, and to let us know what colors and yarns are used in the ones in the ads. Most of the ones in the ad aren’t even on the page.

  •   This kimono is made up of mostly double crochet stitches.   If you know how to double crochet and make chain stitches, you should be good to go! I also did a section of crossed double crochet stitches along the bottom that could be a little tricky if you’ve never done it. However, you can simply double crochet across those rows if you’d prefer and it won’t make much of a difference at all.

  • Also interested in the ombré looking short sleeve pull over t-shirt.

  • Hi! These look fabulous! It would be so very helpful, if you could add links to the group photo of the yarns. I have clicked each link and I am unable to determine which are the yarns which are shown in the long twists. One is in the middle, cupped around a cake, the other is at the bottom under a succulent and a possible third is at the top right on it’s own in a blue-ish tone. I’d love to know which yarn that is and which colours those are.

  • Any update on the pattern lots of us seem to be in love with? Thanks!

  • Honestly this has to be the most frustrating advertisement for something. Click on any of the links for the top names and it brings you right back to the same site you were already on. Cool colors, nice patterns, fantastic advertising, horrible click through = frustrated customers. Who ever is running this – fail. You don’t put things up with links if they don’t exist. Odds of me checking back -0% my attention span for new projects is too fleeting.

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