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March Madness? It’s Time For Yarn Madness!

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March Madness? It’s Time For Yarn Madness!

What is March Madness and What Does it Have To Do with Yarn?

If you are not a fan of sports then all the excitement around March Madness may be going in one ear and out the other. (It’s college basketball, right? We’ll take yarn balls over basketballs!)

March is definitely an exciting time for many sports fans because people are often devoted to their college team long after they graduate. That makes for a lot of people who are eagerly following the winner of these games.  Maybe you’re one of them but you may not feel the “madness” around basketball. Madness about yarn—that we can relate to.  So for those of you that man not be familiar with the bracket system of picking a winner, here is how it works…

How Does Yarn Madness Work?

In basketball, the top  teams in the country vie for the position of winner over several weeks of playoff games.  One college is  pitted against another and the winner goes forward to the next round.  In Yarn Madness, we are pitting our most popular yarns against each other.  You vote in each round and the winner goes forward, with fewer and fewer yarns left as the weeks go on.  You can see where we start with a selection of 32 yarns. By the time we get to the end on April 17 you will all have picked a winner and you’ll be the winner when we give a 30% discount on your absolute favorite yarn for a full week. 

The Yarn Brackets

Check back here for updates!


Vote on Facebook every day at 5:00 p.m. We will tally the votes and add the new winners to the bracket so you can watch as the yarns you choose advance to the next round. Come back here to this post to see the updates!

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  • 5 pm local time or 5 pm EST?

  • how much yarn is in a “bundle

  • If I was on Facebook, (which I’m not & have no desire to join, never have, never will ) I would be voting daily for the ZZ Twist……..crocheters need to feel valued too.!

  • Voting for knitting worsted weight Wool-Ease!
    Great for warm Jabez Blankets for Orphans!

  • I crochet for NICU so always am in need of the softest yarn. Being in FL I jump need for wool or alpaca. Love all the choices there are though in lion brand.

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