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Make Your Own Smartphone Sweater

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Make Your Own Smartphone Sweater

If you watched the Super Bowl last night, you may have noticed a phone commercial starring Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg. In it, Stewart (after making a few puns we won’t get into here) holds up a smartphone wearing a cute little knit sweater. It goes over well — she says it’ll protect your data, and Snoop likes it.


While it may not help you keep your data plan safe, a phone sweater WILL keep your handheld device cozy. It can protect the screen from scratches when the phone is bouncing around in a bag and cushion it from falls. Even if you already have a case, why not protect it even more?

When you saw this commercial, your first thought may likely have been, “I want to make one of those!” We had the same reaction here at Lion Brand. And you’re in luck! We’ve got a couple of kits to make a cute little sweater for your mobile device. The one shown above is the closest to the sweater in the commercial, but there are more options below.

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