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Make Your Best Friend a Present for National Dog Day

Today is National Dog Day, a day to celebrate "all dogs, mixed breed and pure" as well as raise awareness about rescue and adoption, fight breed bans, and recognize all the ways dogs make our lives better. So why not pamper your pup today with one of these projects? Whether you knit or crochet, want something practical or something silly, we've got something great you can make for your best buddy.

Don't have a pup of your own? Check out our post on charity knitting and crochet for information on making snuggles for shelter dogs near you.

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  • Lion Brand Media

    Personally, I think the Turtle Dog Costume is by far the superior costume on this page. Turtles and Dogs were always meant to go together, and now, all is right in the world.

  • Benjamin Wigler


    The only thing I like more than Turtles is Turtle Dogs.