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Make DIY Flip Flops in Fettuccini® with Audra Kurtz from The Kurtz Corner

Audra Kurtz shows you how to make custom flip-flops using Lion Brand's Fettuccini® Yarn!

If you enjoyed Audra's tutorial, check out her YouTube channel, The Kurtz Corner!

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  • sharon

    very cute. also could use "yarn" made from old tee shirts. Repurpose!!

  • Diana

    look interesting and so easy-luv flip plops-couldn't find a thumbs up but I'm giving u one any way

  • Amanda Taylor

    I love this idea and am going to make some! I have lymphedema and my feet are really swollen so shoes that fit are hard to find, even flip flops. I think I'll use Sharon's idea of using yarn made from old t-shirts because I have lots of them.

  • Jodi Wiese

    this would be an awesome project for Girl Scouts! Time to start saving old t-shirts

  • Pam

    Awesome!! Thank you so much! You are a great teacher!

  • Pam

    Dang! I tried to pin this on my DIY Pinterest board but got this message:

    Parameter 'image_url' (value http:///images/default.jpg) is not a valid URL format.

  • LLHendricks

    I love the way you've decorated your room.

  • Merla Cunday

    Looks Great i really like this idea So cleaver

  • Renee

    Cute idea and great for protecting between the toes! I enjoyed the presentation and thought the instructions were great. The only thing I would have liked to see was the finished product on a model. Thanks for the great idea!