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Make an Infinity Scarf in 30 Minutes with Audra Kurtz

Join Audra Kurtz and learn how to create a 30 minute infinity scarf using a very simple arm knitting technique.

So easy, anyone can do it!

Made with Wool-Ease® Thick & Quick®. Brought to you by The Kurtz Corner.

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  • Wendy Short

    This is a Beautiful Stitch

  • Carolyn Gabinet Bullock

    Thank you for your time, patience and desire to share this. I enjoyed this lesson and you are very sweet to do it.

  • Anna

    I am confused on the cast on. Which hand holds the tail, and which holds the working yarn?

  • JourniKY004

    Awesome idea and all, but I have to say, her hair is gorgeous, lol

  • JourniKY004

    i wonder what two colors would look like

  • MeMe

    Great demo. Thank you so much!

  • Hollis

    Thanks for doing this video! It was great. Very easy to follow. Very clear explanations and video shots. 2 thumbs up Hollis