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Make A Zodiac Scarf For Aquarius Birthdays

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Make A Zodiac Scarf For Aquarius Birthdays

Do you want a personalized gift for someone with an upcoming birthday?
How about a scarf that is designed for their sign of the Zodiac? The word Zodiac literally means “Circle of Life.” The twelve signs of the Zodiac offer believers insights into their personalities, qualities, and talents. Whether you consider the traits of your Zodiac sign to be light entertainment or a determining force in your life, as a knitter or crocheter, you’ll find that making a scarf designed with a specific birthday in mind is the perfect gift to create something made with them in mind.

Aquarius birthdays are from January 20th through February 18th, and are people who are both generous and known for their charity yarn crafting. If you’re born during this period you have a drive to make the world a better place. You may be involved in your local community or a religious organization and you are a very social person, so knitting or crochet groups are probably part of your life. You love to engage others, so you most likely enjoy teaching people the craft that has given you so much satisfaction.

The symbol of Aquarius is the Water Bearer and Aquarians bring creativity and ideas into the world. As an Aquarius you like to make things your own. What a perfect way to start the year we’ve designated as “You Shine Through.”

Aquarius zodiac scarf

These creative people may be a bit quirky but that often goes along with being creative. The colors of the Aquarius scarf are the colors of water and creativity (purple).

We have both knit and crochet versions. Start now and you’ll have the scarf for the late January to mid-February birthdays finished in time!

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  • ummm where’s the pattern ?

  • Click on either “knit” or “crochet” (they’re linked) – you’ll have to log in, but that’s how.

  • What about the other zodiac signs?

    • They’re brand new and they’re coming. We will be sharing more soon.

  • My sister is an aquarius. This will be perfect for her.. Thanks a lot for the idea.

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